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One of the Common Sub Zero Freezer Drawer Problems

One of the Common Sub Zero Freezer Drawer Problems | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero freezer offers an excellent and simply accessible storage appliance for most kitchen homes. But they do have a  potential issue. As the unit is basically just one huge drawer, there is the possibility that this type of drawer does not close well. If this occurs, the quality of the frozen food may be affected and you are squandering the power out of the gap.

The initial action for this problem is to examine and ensure that nothing is preventing your freezer drawer from closing completely. Some items hold over the lip or being too tall can prevent how it shuts off. When the storage boxes are not loaded properly, it can also affect how the freezer drawer shuts off.

Another potential problem is the gasket that controls the edges. Use fingers around the lip of the freezer drawer to check if the gasket isn’t rough. When there are any barriers or breaks, then the gasket will require replacement so that it creates a proper seal.

In a few cases, the rails where it slides may cause this problem. The rail is designed to last long. However, when you have children at home, opening the drawer and then putting weight on top of it can warp them. Thus, when children or adults have been resting or sitting on the drawer, the rails may warp and affect how the drawer closes.

When the freezer drawer on a door or bottom fridge is not sealing correctly, frost or ice may begin to form in the freezer. If this happens, first examine the following

  • See if there are no loads in the drawer that may stop the door from shutting off properly.
  • Wag the freezer box to see to it that is completely seated in the slides.
  • With a door open, ensure that the gasket is completely placed in the groove. In the corners, use a finger or pen along the edge to check if the gasket is in the groove.

The door should reach the frame of the fridge and the gaps between the door and the gasket should be even and the bottom.

Do you have any other Sub Zero drawer problems? Are you in need of appliance repair? Sub Zero Appliance Repair can help you. Contact our team today to see what we can do to bring your refrigerator back on track. Our services include Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

Dealing Your Sub Zero Freezer Not Making Ice

Dealing Your Sub Zero Freezer Not Making Ice | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Modern refrigeration units come with functional freezers. Gone is the time when we need to buy bags of ice regularly. We have come to depend on the freezers, so it’s aggravating when we find out that our freezer won’t make ice. Fortunately, there are many reasons you can examine yourself to see why your freezer isn’t producing ice properly.

You may be amazed at how several refrigerator repair services are caused by a malfunctioning freezer or even water dispenser. Below are the most common problems we encounter:

Too High Temperature 

The temperature of the freezer must be adjusted between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the freezer is set at a very high temperature, the ice maker won’t produce ice. You can examine the freezer temperature with a thermometer inside the unit for at least five minutes. When you find out that the freezer temperature is higher than five degrees, check a little further.

Initially, see to it that the condenser coils are clean. When they have dirt and other debris, get a wet cloth and clean them. Once it doesn’t work within two days, examine the evaporator coils to check if they are iced over. If they are stuck to too much frost, the fridge defrosts cycle will not work efficiently. If so, contact a professional technician to handle your fridge and get it running properly.

Clogged Water Filter 

A clean water filter keeps the proper water flow and makes sure of the water quality. When the water filter is clogged and does not facilitate enough water to flow to the ice dispenser, it will affect the efficiency of the ice maker. Insufficient water flow indicates the freezer won’t make ice. Water filters should be changed twice a year. See the date on the filter. When it’s old, change it.

Damaged Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the temperature in the freezer. Once the defrost thermostat is defective, the freezer won’t make ice. In order to test the thermostat, utilize a multimeter to examine continuity. When the thermostat doesn’t have continuity, it could be malfunctioning and requires replacement.

Bad Assembly Component

It’s common for the assembly to stop working at some point. The individual components to the assembly work together, and when any of the components are damaged, the assembly must be replaced.

Insufficient Water Pressure

Water inlet valves open to enable water to pass through the freezer and water dispenser. It requires at least 20 psi to function properly. When the water pressure is too low, the valve will not open well, preventing or removing the flow of water to the dispenser.

When the water pressure is enough, make use of a multimeter to confirm if the water inlet valve has consistent power. When there is a disruption in power, change the water inlet valve.

After doing your homework, you have assessed what you can, and still, your Sub Zero freezer is not making ice. Schedule an appointment with a Sub Zero Appliance Repair technician to identify the issue and repair it. We offer Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair services.

Why Is Your Sub Zero Freezer Making Noise?

Why Is Your Sub Zero Freezer Making Noise | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sometimes we don’t notice, but our freezer creates noise, relying on the model of your Sub Zero freezer it may be a soft sound and you only notice when you are near the unit. However, one certain thing is that you will hear it when the freezer is producing a sound it shouldn’t.

Since Sun Zero freezers are typically very quiet brands hearing loud sounds suddenly can definitely make you panic. However,  the good thing is, a loud noise won’t be the end of your unit, it could only be an early sign.

Buzzing, humming, or other sounds emanating from the Sub Zero freezer are usually part of its normal operation. But if you have just begun to hear very loud noises coming from the freezer, it could be a sign that maintenance or repairs are on the right track. Let’s identify the common reasons why a freezer makes some noise and how to repair the problem.

  • A buzzing sound is heard if the compressor is functioning.
  • Clicking can happen if the defrost timer turns on and off.
  • Gurgling sounds can happen if the refrigerant flows through the tubes at the end of the cycle. 
  • Popping or cracking noise can happen once the walls of the freezer compress and extend as the temperature decreases.

Some Common Causes of Noisy Freezer

Unlevel Refrigerator Unit

When the freezer unit is regularly vibrating, it must be due to its level on the floor. Its leveling feet or screws could become loose after some time. Examine under the appliance and move the feet or adjust the screws when necessary.

Filthy Condenser Coils

Its condenser coils are plagued with dirt and other debris that can prevent the air to flow properly. Thus, the freezer needs to work harder to cool the unit, possibly increasing the volume of loud sounds. In order to help ensure the freezer is working efficiently, clean the condenser coils at least quarterly with a coil brush or a vacuum hose with a soft brush head.

Defective Evaporator Fan 

The Sub Zero freezer evaporator fan is designed to cool the appliance by spreading air and refreshing the evaporator coils. When the evaporator fan is defective, but excessively loud buzzing or clicking noise may be heard. Furthermore, you may hear that the freezer is warmer than the regular temperature. A defective evaporator fan will require replacement. 

Is your Sub Zero freezer making noise? Do you need assistance in repairing or replacing some of its components? Sub Zero Appliance Repair knows the brand inside and out. We provide services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair. Contact us to make a service appointment with us.

Your Home for Sub Zero Freezer Repair Services

Your Home for Sub Zero Freezer Repair Services | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

When you are in the food industry, a freezer is a must for the smooth operation of your services. Regular maintenance of the freezer, plus periodic repair services prior to any spoilage happens, can help you avoid the problems of expensive breakdowns and spoil your goods. Contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair at the initial sign of problems, and our freezer repair specialists will take care of it.

Our team of highly-trained technicians will provide maintenance and repair services as scheduled to see to it that minimal inconvenience to the business operation. Whether you want our staff to come early or later in the day, you can depend on us to come promptly with equipment in hand. In all our centers, we follow a leave-no-trace policy, thus we won’t leave your place with any mess once the service is completed.

Commercial freezers store goods at temperatures up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing food at this temperature enables safe storage by preventing any organism such as bacteria to grow and sit inside. When Sub Zero  freezer is having issues keeping the proper temperature or has another issue, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair for commercial freezer repair services so you can prevent liability problems and ruin food. Rest assured of a speedy response from our professionals!

Whether you own a standard or deep freezer, they usually come with the same issues. Some of these problems are easy to identify, like an issue to get cold enough, while some take longer to notice. Some of the most common issues we have found with  commercial freezers include:

High Temperature. A freezer that is very hot obviously won’t cool your food and drinks. The thermostat may require repair from Sub Zero Appliance Repair when the issue persists.

Ice Buildup. Sometimes, the ice in your freezer can cause some buildup that some troubleshooting to resolve.

Water Leakage. When you see leaking water that comes out of your freezer, it may be an issue with the condensation pan or defrost drain. These problems require a call for a visit from the Sub Zero Appliance Repair team.

Loud Noise. Most commercial appliances, such as your freezer, produce odd sounds during their regular operation. But if you hear strange noises, there may be an issue with the fan inside.

Defective Electronics. When your freezer won’t turn on, it’s probably an issue with the electronic controls. When you can’t determine the problem with the electrical flow, controls may require replacement.

Even the most advanced troubleshooting works can go wrong. Perhaps you have done several items on the list but have failed. Once this is the case, it’s recommended to seek assistance from a reliable service provider. From deep freezer to commercial freezer maintenance and repair services, our factory-trained technicians can repair nearly any issue with your appliance units. 

Whatever your case is, you can depend on Sub Zero Appliance Repair to diagnose your commercial freezer problems, make professional repairs, conduct preventive maintenance, or carry out a replacement when necessary. We stock all the commercial freezer components you need! For fast and efficient repair service from Sub Zero freezer experts who respect you and your business, call our team to schedule an appointment online. Also offers services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair.

Why Is My Sub Zero Freezer Not Working?

Why Is My Sub Zero Freezer Not Working | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

That moment when you find out that your freezer isn’t working properly like it used to. Worry no more! There are possibilities of a quick fix instead of expensive repair services. The good thing is, there’s a huge chance that your problem can be both efficiently diagnosed and simply repaired. As a regular freezer serves up to 15 years prior to replacement, initially consider the age of the freezer. When the appliance is well within that time period and you have it well maintained in general, you will be probably dealing with the common issue, such as clogged airflow, ice buildup, defective gaskets, or dirty coils.

Clean the shelves.

 See to it that you allow enough air to pass through the freezer. This may be common knowledge, a unit that’s covered to the gills may lead to an airflow clog, specifically when the evaporator fan is backed by a tub of desserts or plastics of vegetables. Reorganizing or eliminating some items may be all that’s important to cool things down once more.

Break the ice.

When the Sub Zero freezer doesn’t overflow and you have a manual-defrost unit, monitor the amount of ice on the interior walls – the accumulation could be harming the efficiency of the freezer. Once you observe a large number of ice crystals, or when it’s been more than years since you defrosted your unit, a basic defrosting will maybe do the trick, allowing the coils and vents to breathe again and regularly to do their tasks. When you own an auto-defrost model, layers of ice may be a glaring sign that a part or two requires replacement by an expert in the near future.

Examine the seals.

One quick assessment includes checking the gaskets of the freezer door seals with the use of the dollar bill test. Open the unit’s door, put a dollar bill flat on the seal, and shut the door. When you can simply remove the cash, the seals are not tight. When pulling the bill out needs a lot of effort, the seals are perhaps okay. See it to test different parts of the gasket for an accurate measurement, and before testing them, clean any spills or dirt that may be blocking them from locking together properly.

Clear the coils.

A dirty coil is perhaps the culprit. When you have cleaned, seal-tested, and defrosted the unit and all is well, pull the freezer away from the wall and clean the coils using a vacuum with the brush installed. As filthy coils can obstruct airflow, a fast cleaning may be only the ticket to chill stuff out again.

When none of these steps take your ice cubes and frozen snacks back, it could be that your freezer not working is too complicated to handle yourself. Thus, professional repair service might be in order. Chances are some maintenance or repair works can return your Sub Zero freezer to its optimal condition. Contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair today to book a service. Also provides services for Sub Zero refrigerator repair, Sub Zero ice maker repair, and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Beverly Hills.

Common Sub Zero Freezer Problems and Solutions

Common Sub Zero Freezer Problems and Solutions | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

That moment when your frozen fresh goods got spoiled. If your Viking freezer isn’t working properly, it could not be a disaster requiring an immediate fix or full replacement. Prior to calling in a professional for a repair service, you can perform a minor yourself — supported by some information from the technicians at Sub Zero Appliance Repair.

Making Odd Noises

Dealing with a noise complaint can be very complicated. What noise such as humming on one day could sound like humming on another. Brashness is often comparative; so what is thought loud in the evening could be quiet in the day. Furthermore, various conditions will result in the appliance to sound distinct. When the appliance has another problem other than the strange noise, then dealing with that issue will more than likely also resolve the noise complaint.

Frost Buildup

Frost accumulation behind the freezer section, where the evaporator coil is installed, shows a problem with the defrost operation. Based on the appliance, this might be either a damaged heater, control board, and defrost sensor. More troubleshooting is necessary to identify what exactly is required to resolve the problem.

Water Leaking

If the appliance has a water connection for water and ice, the leak may emanate from the home links. Check the water line passing through the shutoff valve to the unit. Focus on where the line connects to the appliance and to the home valve. Carefully examine the shutoff valve. The valve needs to be replaced when it’s leaking anywhere.

Not Running

Make sure the appliance gets the required power. This can be done by identifying interior lighting or examining if the user interface display is activated or the freezer can release water or ice. When there’s no power supplied to the unit, see if the power source is working by plugging in another device, like a hairdryer or lamp. When that device also doesn’t turn on, then the outlet doesn’t have the power to flow towards it. Search for a torn outlet or breaker. 

Warm Temperature

The temperature of the freezer should be set properly. See to it that it wasn’t adjusted to a higher temperature setting. Also, a lot of things in there will block air circulation inside the freezer and too little will result in the cold air going out of the freezer when it’s opened. The position of the items in the appliance is also essential. 

Any of the above situations will require further troubleshooting to pinpoint and resolve Sub Zero temperature problems. If you are not sure of what to do, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. We offer Sub Zero ice maker repair and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Orange County.

Common Sub Zero Freezer Temperature Problems

Common Sub Zero Freezer Temperature Problems | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A defective freezer can result in major issues in the kitchen, limiting the supply of ice and storage range. To assist you with troubleshooting problems with the Sub Zero refrigerator,  we have gathered information on some of the most common freezer problems every homeowner faces.

Not Running

Sub Zero fridge freezer becomes impractical when it isn’t running, and a freezer that just won’t start can be due to a variety of causes. Prior to investigating the specific freezer parts, you need to see to it that the refrigerator still has electrical power. Examine if the freezer has not been disconnected from the power source, and if needed, a trial that the outlet still supplies the electricity. When there is a problem with the outlet, you will need to seek service from an electrician.

Once the electric outlet works, but the freezer doesn’t, there is likely a problem with its internal parts. Issues with the electronic control board or thermostat, compressor, or defrost timer can lead to a freezer that does not work properly. 

Frost Inside 

Frost inside is due to the warm, moist air that is stuck in the refrigerator every time you open and close it. The frost in the unit is normal, however, excessive frost can be an issue that eventually damages your freezer.

Too much frost inside the freezer is usually the result of a defective freezer door. A broken door or gasket can allow the warm air inside while the freezer is shut off, causing frost. When you notice some defects to either of these components, just change them to fix the problem. Frost inside the freezer can also be due to a defective freezer defrost sensor or defrost timer. To diagnose and repair the problems with these components, you need to contact a professional freezer repairman.

Excessive Noise

Like the refrigerator, the freezer works with its own cycles to guarantee peak performance. Modern freezers make less noise, and when your unit makes too much noise while operating, you perhaps have an issue with its internal parts.

A noisy unit is often due to excessive ice on its evaporator. The stuck ice can interrupt the rotating fan, resulting in loud noises while running. Frost can accumulate around the evaporator that affects some components such as the defrost heater, sensor, and timer. 

Too Warm

It means that a warm unit can’t serve its purpose. Your appliance has to provide the cold temperatures needed for preserving fresh food items, and a warm fridge can come from several problems.

A warm unit may be due to a defective thermostat, which regulates the temperature within the fridge. A defective thermostat will not read its temperature settings, and won’t cool the appliance properly. You will also experience problems with the sensors, which keep tracking of the temperature inside the freezer. A warm freezer can also be due to bigger issues with a sealed refrigerant system. 

No kitchen is complete without a working freezer, and by familiarizing yourself with some common Sub Zero refrigerator repair issues, you’ll be well aware of what to research and apply a range of freezer repair works yourself. But when you need professional assistance with all your freezer repair needs, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. With services for Sub Zero ice maker repair, and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Seattle.

The Perks of Sub Zero Freezers

The Perks of Sub Zero Freezers | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero freezer has always been in style and quality by itself. It’s much more than a monument of class, it is a high-end and sophisticated food preservation system. It is widely used by popular chefs and home cooks. The unit’s dual compressor design and individual vacuum door seals are an engineering masterpiece. Sub Zero freezers are designed to function in two separate cooling systems that keep the temperature and humidity in the freezer part.

Sub Zero freezers take pride in its best-in-class component, excellent craftsmanship, and unyielding attention to detail with every machine they make. Each Sub Zero freezer is built on the concept that keeping the temperature, humidity, and moving cool air extends the life of your fresh goods.

The elegant design is also one of the key features of Sub-Zero refrigeration units and they are good in a range of sizes, unlike their standard counterparts. Sub-Zero freezers fit well into the compartment and conceal themselves. Sub Zero is regarded as the most efficient refrigerator brand in the country. While there are different reasons why we know these products are worth their price tags, here are the main reasons:

Superior Preservation Technology

Although many refrigerators do a great job in keeping fresh goods fresh, regulating temperature changes and humidity is what makes the food last. Furthermore, Sub-Zero has a technology-driven air cleaning system that functions to circulate fresh air in the refrigeration unit. This technology enables the units to regulate a temperature that is far more stable than most units. Actually, Sub-Zero keeps the temperature within one level of the set temperature during regular use. 

Quality and Longevity

The quality and longevity of Sub-Zero units are second to none. Their features are best-in-class and practically do not affect when developing and making the new units. Sub-Zero freezers are designed and tried to last up to 20 years. Also, they test each refrigeration unit in the factory prior to putting them in its box. There is no doubt that this company has one of the best services and customer assistance in the industry. Other than providing a world-class preservation system, when something is irregular, you can guarantee that it will be handled fast and effectively. They also have one of the most favorable factory warranties with an all-inclusive number of years.

Design Flexibility

No other manufacturers of food preservation appliances provide as many models and mechanisms as Sub-Zero. Think of the different sizes and refrigeration when design and layout are essential to you.

With Sub-Zero you may take advantage of the following:

Installation Flexibility

  • fully flush installation choices
  • installation somewhat proud from cabinets

Door Finishes

  • stainless steel 
  • cabinet finish doors
  • various handle options
  • side-by-side
  • single door 
  • and many more

Is a Sub-Zero freezer worth the price? At Sub Zero Appliance Repair, we understand that if peace of mind, great preservation, and design are essential to you, then the answer is a resounding yes. We offer Sub-Zero refrigerator repair and Sub-Zero wine cooler repair. Also, check Sub-Zero Repair in Los Angeles.

Save Time and Labor With Sub Zero Freezer Repair

Save Time and Labor With Sub Zero Freezer Repair | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Did your Sub Zero freezer act up? Are you in need of immediate repair service? Worry no more!

By and large, most people assume that since a Sub Zero is well-made, that they can just use the appliance anytime and don’t need to worry about its maintenance service. We know that your appliance units may serve you for a long time, however, only when they are well maintained and properly used. As the equipment hits the natural wear and tear, it will need more attention from you. The good news is that our team is equipped with the complete and modern equipment and professionals to repair and help you maintain your Subzero appliances such as your freezer in their optimum working condition to work essentially for many years to come.

If your Sub Zero freezer starts making disturbing sounds or only stops functioning properly, you should get a repair service that you can trust. Sub Zero Appliance Repair performs same-day service by our certified and experienced technicians. We are the name for quality repair services at competitive rates, technicians you can rely on, and techniques of practical contact. Normally, it is hard to know who to give your trust regarding our appliance repair service needs. At Sub Zero Appliance Repair, we believe in the importance of trust and quality. All of our technicians have passed all the background checks for your safety. You can have peace of mind knowing that your freezer is in the hands of the Sub Zero experts. The technicians will address any and all concerns about your appliance and give a written quote before sealing the service.

If you call us about Sub Zero freezer repair, you will be able to relax and ensure that your unit will be in the hands of trustworthy professionals. You would also realize that you are taking advantage of the excellent repair service near your area. We have been working hard to provide our clients with the most affordable price. We have been doing great repair and maintenance services to all home and business owners around the country.

A qualified repair team is the best part of having the ability to perform a top-quality Sub Zero freezer repair. The parts that we utilize for every repair service is only as important, and that’s why we use only the excellent parts and tools. By adhering to up-to-date parts, we can confidently keep up with quality repairs for many years.

The sooner you call our team, the sooner you’ll fix the issue and take advantage of our reliable Sub Zero appliance services. We also have Sub Zero repair services in San Francisco, Seattle, Orange County, and Chicago.

Save Time and Labor with Sub Zero Freezer Repair

Save Time and Labor with Sub Zero Freezer Repair | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Having a freezer in a functional refrigerator in the kitchen is very important nowadays. In every family, there are isolated freezers for food and ice as a back-up. In hot places, it’s quick for the products in the freezer to get spoiled. At  Sub Zero Appliance Repair technicians are able to promptly fix the issues with any type and model of  Sub Zero freezers. When you experience some problems, and you immediately need a Sub Zero freezer repair service to restore the functionality of your appliance, immediately get in touch with the factory-trained technicians of Sub Zero Appliance Repair.

We are the leading appliance repair service provider who has been serving the country for many years already. Over the years, we have built the trust of our clients with our sincere, professional, and fast service even on the same day. We are dedicated to providing services at competitive rates and free service calls when we do the service.

Our appliance technicians are highly trained and well experienced in repairing all kinds of freezers. Regardless of its type or model, you can get in touch with our dedicated customer service staff to book a service for your Sub Zero freezer.  On every service, our expert conducts short orientation with customers and discusses how to prolong the life of your appliance. Before calling us, see to it that your freezer is connected to the power source and the circuit breaker is not tripped. There are several issues with the Sub Zero freezer which the client can repair on their own.

However, the most common issues that must be repaired by specialists with the appropriate tools and intensive training. This is one of the reasons that you need to contact us. Make sure that you will hire a qualified service technician for your Sub Zero freezer repair issues such as:

  • It completely stops working.
  • It does not freeze.
  • It builds up a lot of frosts inside.
  • It keeps running.
  • It makes frozen meats look burnt.

For quick same-day service, our professional technicians take a complete supply of original parts in their service van. You can rely on our quality repair services no matter what the issue is. Our technicians can make the repair on all types and models of your freezers. We do not ask for an extra charge for urgent requests regardless of the time and day provided we have available technicians. We also do our best to have affordable service rates and do not do the unnecessary repair in your Sub Zero freezer. Do not hesitate to contact our team today to get your freezer up and running in no time. Also offers Sub Zero ice maker repair and Sub Zero wine cooler repair.