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Guaranteed Quality Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair

Guaranteed Quality Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Once you discover that your Sub-Zero ice maker is not producing ice, you will want to solve it in no time. At Sub Zero Appliance Repair, we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue from an unstable freezer temperature to a dirty water filter.

Some Causes of Broken Ice Maker 

We can sometimes think of the worst when our ice maker malfunctions, however, there are some underlying issues for a Sub-Zero ice maker that fails to make ice. 

Not Turned On

In some cases, the easiest solution is the most puzzling. Once you have a Sub-Zero ice maker that is not doing its job, we suggest first you check if the ice maker unit is on. Even though the appliance runs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ice maker is working already.

Needs Enough Time

Every nice thing is worth waiting for. With a newly installed refrigeration unit, the ice maker needs approximately 24 hours to make a batch of ice. The appliance will also take its time to make ice when the ice maker unit has been switched off for a long time.

Extremely High Temperature 

While we can’t stop ice from melting on a hot day, your machine will be incapable of making ice when the freezer is very warm. Sub-Zero specifies the recommended setting of 0 degrees Fahrenheit as its temperature.  In most cases, a temperature at or below 5 degrees Fahrenheit will facilitate proper ice production.

Water Inlet Problems

The water inlet valve in your machine opens to supply the ice maker with water for ice production. When the inlet valve is the culprit when your Sub-Zero ice maker is not making ice, there are normally two common occurrences insufficient pressure and defective valve.

Filthy Water Filter

Your ice maker filters utilize fine mesh screens to block mineral deposits and some particles from contaminating the water for ice production. Gradually, these screens can become plagued making it hard for the filter from serving its purpose. It can also affect the flow of water to the ice maker, making the quality of the ice poor.

When your Sub-Zero icemaker continues to break down after consulting and doing everything in your owner’s manual, it may be defective already. At this point, we highly advised you to get a professional service to diagnose and repair the ice maker, or replace it when necessary. Our team can help as the leading Sub Zero ice maker repair service provider in the country. Also check our Sub Zero repair services in South San Francisco, Seattle, Orange County, and Chicago

Your Coolest Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair Service

Your Coolest Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair Service | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

If the temperature is high, you don’t want to stand the heat with warm water. Once you find that your Sub Zero ice maker stops working, it is high time to pick up the phone and contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair.

Whether your ice maker is installed in your refrigerator unit, or it is portable, we are the most reliable repair service provider for any models of Sub Zero wine cooler units. We can also deliver the service on the same day you call. Even for the old units, we are able to identify the problem and resolve it efficiently. We have professional technicians with a wide range of experience in Sub Zero appliance units. We take pride in fixing appliances while providing the best customer service.

What Causes The Ice Maker To Break?

 The temperature of an ice maker must be between 0 and 5 degrees. Any temperature higher than 5 degrees will cause the ice maker to malfunction. However, that doesn’t specify the reason. It’s very important to know a number of reasons why there is an increase in temperature in your Sub Zero ice maker.

In most cases, homeowners find themselves asking whether contacting a repair professional is needed for these issues. And if this is an ideal inquiry, the answer is resounding yes. Unless you have expertise in fixing such appliances, we strongly discourage making DIY repairs.

Why is that so? It’s an issue of safety. Instead of a repair by trial and error that may cost you more money than a telephone call, you are hiring a repair professional from Sub Zero Appliance Repair that has years of expertise in dealing with ice maker units. The reason you want to contact us is that we got the modern tools and techniques for the job. 

Usually, if the ice maker is full, the control arm will change positions. When it happens, it stops the process of making ice. But when the arm has been moved manually or got stuck, the ice maker fails to run properly. The process could be affected by a plagued water line. This will block the supply of water required to make ice.

Water filters and lines are not the only things that can get blocked. Waste materials can clog the water inlet valve also. You may look for that the door switch is not working, affecting the mechanism of the ice maker. A quick solution for these issues is intensive cleaning. When the damage can’t be fixed, then part replacement is possible to repair the issue.

No matter what your appliance is going through, our Sub Zero ice maker repair professionals can help you put your unit back on track. We also offer services for Sub Zero freezer repair and Sub Zero wine cooler repair.