Dealing With A Sub Zero Refrigerator Cracked Water Filter Housing

Dealing With A Sub Zero Refrigerator Cracked Water Filter Housing | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A leak inside a Sub Zero refrigerator is often due to a cracked water filter housing. Once something breaks in the head and housing, some water can clear out and cause a puddle on the kitchen floor of the refrigerator. Fortunately, all you need is an intensive inspection of the components to determine the cause of the leak. When you have checked the parts and confirms it is indeed defective, you’ll have to change it. Luckily, replacing the cracked water filter housing for a new unit is a basic appliance repair.

A Sub Zero refrigerator is one reliable labor-saving appliance you can invest in your home, thus it could come as a surprise when it causes a leak. It may require a diagnosis by an expert but there is Sub Zero Appliance Repair. There are also some common maintenance problems that you can repair on yourself at home before you call in for professional services. Don’t ignore, water can find its path to all kinds of nooks and crannies and incur serious damage.

When you have a modern unit equipped with a water filter, it could be the source of a leak. In most cases, this is due to a weak connection between the refrigerator and the filter. The size of the filter is the problem and requires replacement. When the water filter is worn, it may have cracked over time. It may not be a big problem, however, it needs to be fixed immediately so that you won’t need to clean up the mess. We at Sub Zero Appliance Repair can identify the problem of the water filter crack and mend it easily or just change it.

Water Filter Leaks After Cleaning It

Most cracks on the water filter are just the result of a piece of debris that gets stuck in the rubber O ring within the housing and the container. Eliminating the debris and ensuring that the O ring makes a proper seal will often prevent the cracks. Thus check and locate that obstruction. When you get well water that has sediment, you get a sediment filter you need to change.

Once you replace it a few times, it becomes a regular process. The time comes when you replace it and you notice water dripping from the filter housing. So what should you do? Don’t call in a plumber immediately to replace the entire unit just because we have some leaks. Examine a few things first to confirm if you can mend the issue and keep you from costly professional services

When you are unable to fix your Sub Zero refrigerator from leaking due to a cracked water filter housing, contact us at Sub Zero Appliance Repair. Check out our services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Faulty Water Inlet Valve Repair Tips

Sub Zero Refrigerator Faulty Water Inlet Valve Repair Tips | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

The cold beverage in the summer season may not be possible when it is for the ice maker in the Sub Zero refrigerator.  If the unit stops functioning as it should, you may want to contact a professional technician. Prior to making a phone call, there are some things that you can see to it that the ice maker actually is defective.

Water not getting to the tray may indicate an issue with the water inlet valve, though not regularly. The water line from the valve to the unit can frost, not allowing water into the unit. A blocked water filter may also result in low or no flow to either the water dispenser or ice maker. When it’s identified that none of them is the issue, you have to examine the water valve.

Finding the Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

In order to evaluate the water valve, disconnect the power cord and close the water supply to the fridge. A lot of foods will be fine when placed in the fridge as long as the doors are shut off; power will be shut down for just about half an hour when examining the valve. Put on the work gloves to shield your hands. Reach the water valve, often found under the rear of the fridge. The refrigerator inlet valve can go bad either mechanically or electrically. 

Examining the Valve for Electrical Failure

To assess for electrical damage, reach the fridge water valve often found under the rear of the fridge cabinet. Make use of a multimeter to make use of consistency, great electrical flow, of the valve coils.

  • Plug the water supply line installed to the valve, and unplug the wires found in the solenoid coils. Its number will vary depending on the model, and every coil comes with two terminals.
  • Adjust the multimeter to the lowest resistance setting, and see if the meter is gauged properly.
  • Examine the terminals, and put the probe on the other terminal. Perform it for every solenoid coil.

When the meter calibrates the resistance, the digital meter display does not alter completely or the analog meter needle does not move and the valve has no consistency and is poor.

Checking the Valve for Mechanical Damage

To evaluate for mechanical damage to the water valve, it’s simplest to solve a water supply issue.

  • Unplug the water supply line from the valve.
  • Put a box under the end of the supply line.
  • Switch on the water to the supply line and examine the flow.

Once the water flow seems frail or intermittent, the issue is with the water supply. A solid, regular flow may mean the water valve has become blocked and limited.

When the water inlet valve has broken down, locate the appropriate valve for the model and go over the repair manual on how to change a Sub Zero refrigerator faulty water inlet valve. If you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair immediately.  Check out our services that include Sub Zero refrigerators repair and  Sub Zero freezer repair.

Why Is Sub Zero Appliance Refrigerator Not Cold Enough?

Why Is Sub Zero Appliance Refrigerator Not Cold Enough | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

When you are wondering about the functionality of your refrigerator, an idea to start is answering the question, how cold it should be. Based on the FDA, the standard temperature of a refrigerator is at least 40°F as the temperature of its freezer should be at 0°F.

Is your Sub Zero refrigerator not cold enough recently? Our team of factory-trained technicians at Sub Zero Appliance Repair can help you get to the bottom of it, explain to you the repair process, and clarify when you need to step back and hand the work to an expert.

In most cases, a warm fridge is not a simple repair. There are several different factors that may cause the problem to occur.  Defective parts can be delicate, particularly when you have to determine the specific part is causing the issue. Sub Zero technicians have come up with the common refrigerator and freezer problems, where they take place, and how you can repair them.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils take the gas made by the compressor to the evaporator coils. While the refrigerant passes through the coils at a rising pressure, it cools down and transforms to liquid. Blocked condenser coils can cause bad circulation of air, blocking your unit’s ability to stay cool.

Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan is the component that releases the cool air in the refrigerator as you open the door. It draws the air from the side of the evaporator coil, cooling it, then pushes the air through the fridge and freezer. When the evaporator fan fails to work or function as the compressor does, the refrigerator will not be able to generate cool air.

Air Damper

The air damper regulates the amount of cold air shared from the freezer to the rest of the fridge. Once the air damper can’t shut off or open, it can affect the temperature of the refrigerator as the freezer remains at the standard temperature. If the air damper doesn’t open, cold air will not be able to pass from the freezer to the other sections of the refrigerator, making it feel warm.

Refrigerator Compressor

The compressor is the component of the refrigerator that pushes and presses the refrigerant vapor to the coils outside the unit. The pressure generated heat, creating hot gas which cools down over time and takes up the heat from the refrigerator and freezer. When the freezer fan is still functioning, however, the entire unit is not cold enough, the compressor or its start relay may be defective.

Condenser Fan

The condenser fan loses the heat of the condenser coils and compressor as they function. The fan should work when the compressor is operating. When the condenser fan does not work properly, the temperature can spike and the compressor can be too hot.

Once you are having difficulty identifying the cause or don’t have any idea how to replace and fix some mechanical parts, don’t hesitate to contact an expert to handle it. Home appliances can be a daunting task and we don’t advise you to touch the machine if you don’t know what to do. Not only you will damage your appliance, but it can be extremely delicate.

At Sub Zero Appliance Repair, our specialists understand how to repair any issues your unit may have. If you are in doubt, seek professional repair services to assist you with your refrigerator not cooling, or any other problems you’re facing. We provide Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair services.

Facts About Sub Zero Not Running Fan

Facts About Sub Zero Not Running Fan | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

In a refrigerator compartment, the fan in the freezer compartment influences the performance of the fridge. The fresh air to the entire unit emanates from the compartment and then is distributed with the help of the fan. If the freezer compartment fan or evaporator fan breaks down, the temperature in the compartments increases. With some DIY works, you can identify the reason for the malfunctioning evaporator fan to replace it if necessary.

Physically Blocked

When the fan breaks down, disconnect the fridge and take off the fan cover. Oftentimes, the issue is because the evaporator fails to function freely as the ice gets stuck on the fan blades. Sometimes, one or more of the fan blades, as the fans that come with metal blades, have become contorted resulting in jamming on the metal fan cover. With frost buildup, just let the ice thaw away will solve the problem provided that the motor windings have not been broken. When the problem is contorted fan blades, change the fan blade. Do not fix the blade as it will become imbalanced. At times, the issue is the stuck debris in the bearings of the motor and a regular shot of penetrating oil can fix the issue.

Changing Defective Motor

It’s important to note that evaporator fan motors consume limited power and have a long life-cycle, however, they can burn themselves out once the blade gets blocked and cannot rotate. When the fan blade twists smoothly, however, the fan does not operate, unplugging the wires at the fan and confirming continuity with the motor windings using a multimeter. Once you have no continuity, the winding is at fault and you require a replacement of the motor assembly. The fan is normally stuck in place by at least three screws. Just take off the old unit and bring it to the accredited appliance store to get the same replacement.

Check for Voltage

When the fan motor is electrically and physically fine, confirm if there is voltage at the terminals. In order to confirm the voltage, adjust the multimeter to the AC voltage operation and connect the test leads with alligator clips. Set the test leads for the clips not to hit each other or the cabinet of the unit. Connect the fridge to the power and track the reading. It must be120 volts. A zero volt means an absence of the voltage reaching the fan motor. Disconnect the fridge again prior to carrying out the troubleshooting.

Poor Thermostatic Control

While zero voltage getting to the fan motor may result in a broken wire between the motor and the thermostatic control, but defective wires seldom occur. In order to examine a wiring issue, take off the thermostatic control from its cabinet and conduct a continuity reading between the wires on both ends. Once the wires are okay, change the thermostatic control. Bring the old unit to the appliance store for you to get the right replacement.

When you opt for a professional service, Sub Zero Appliance Repair is your wisest choice. Our team of factory-trained technicians can perform Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair services. Contact one of our experts for a speedy and quality repair for your Sub Zero refrigerator fan not running!

How To Deal With These Sub Zero Refrigerator Temperature Problems

How To Deal With These Sub Zero Refrigerator Temperature Problems | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

We heavily depend on our fridge every time. If something goes bad, it normally requires to be repaired immediately. Some problems can deal with a DIY repair, while some will need the work of an expert. Prior to scheduling a service appointment, go over these possible causes and simple fixes to get the fridge back to optimum performance as fast as possible.

Not Cooling Or Too Warm

There could be some causes of a refrigerator that isn’t as cold as you think. When it’s just been connected, you have just put in much food or the doors have been opened regularly, you may require to wait up to a day for the temperature to fluctuate. When not, go over these other works to determine the cause.

Change The Temperature

The standard temperature for the refrigerator is 37°F. However, if the fridge is located beside the heat source or in an area that’s hotter than usual, you would need to change the temperature from the settings. 

Adjust The Setting

A setting that prevents cooling could have been unintentionally switching on. For example, several fridges have cooled on and offsetting, a power outage setting that is activated following a power outage, or a showroom model that must be switched if you bring the fridge home.

Check For Obstructed Vents

There must be vents in the fridge that facilitate airflow from the freezer to the refrigerator and keep things cool. See to it these aren’t clogged by food items.

Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice

A common ice maker should make about three pounds of ice every day. When the fridge was just connected, it may take a day for ice production to start and up to three days for complete ice production. When a big amount was just taken out, it could take a day to fully replace. Once the ice maker isn’t producing enough ice, try these steps before calling in a professional:

Check If Ice Maker Is Turned Off

In some cases, the ice maker of the fridge can be unintentionally switched off. Turn it back on by adjusting the dial or the lever over the ice bin down.

Examine Water Line For Kinks

Look for the water line at the back of the refrigerator. When it’s contorted or kinked, fix it to improve water flow. 

Fully Open The Water Shut-Off Valves

See if the refrigerator is connected to the water supply behind the unit. If it is, ensure that water shut-off valves are completely open. The main valve is normally located below the sink, in the cabinet beside the fridge, or in the basement, while other valves may be installed in the tubing.

If you do have Sub-Zero refrigerator temperature problems and need professional repair help, call  Sub Zero Appliance Repair to schedule Sub Zero refrigerators repair and  Sub Zero freezer repair services.

What Causes Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Water Leaking

What Causes Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Water Leaking

That moment when you can see the floor wet, and apparently, you are searching where the leak comes from. It could be the sink or dishwasher. But more often your refrigerator could be the main reason for the floor, thus knowing how to repair the refrigerator and prevent it from leaking.

Below are the most common causes that make a Sub Zero refrigerator leak water:

Defrost Drain Clog 

The drain hole is not that big, and it can clog easily by frost or some food scraps, which stop water condensed while defrosting from flushing to the pan. If the water spills over, it begins to spread on the bottom of the refrigerator and the kitchen floor. The best method to repair defrost drain clog is to cleanse it with warm water. When careful cleaning does not work, you can make use of special equipment or a short piece of wire to eliminate the obstruction. It is the most common issue, so it always helps to examine the defrost drain so that it will prevent such a problem.

Drain Pan Damage

This issue is not common, but at times the drain pan located at the bottom of the refrigerator is defective. When it happens, water begins to leak through the holes in the pan and sits on the floor. Oftentimes, a little amount of water is stuck in the pan, however, it must be evaporated by fans. Typically, the fans release hot air across the area of the pan, evaporating the water before it starts to leak. Check the drain pan well to see that it is intact, especially when the defrost drain is clean. When the pan is defective, it must be replaced.

Ice Maker Breaks

Normally, the broken or cracked hoses result in high water pressure and the connection begins to leak. Furthermore, leaks can lead to weakened connections between the water lines and the unit. In some cases, the sealing can deteriorate or break and the water starts escaping under the fridge. Check thoroughly the water lines and connections for the early signs of moisture. Make the connections tight, or change hoses, when necessary. Once that doesn’t work, you should replace sealing.

Water Filter Defect

For Sub Zero refrigerator models with the water filter, a poor connection between the filter and water supply can be a cause of the leak. In some cases, your refrigerator could have some leaks when the improper type of water filter has been connected before. Or else, you will have an issue with the effective connections. Check the storage of the refrigerator and the filter for warnings of water leaking to find out the issue. To repair it you have to replace the filter, performing the user’s manual. Remember that the filter should fit the refrigerator model.

These may not be the only reasons for your Sub-Zero refrigerator water leaking. You should perform regular maintenance of your refrigerator to prevent more troubles. For professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair.  Check out our services on Sub-Zero refrigerators repair and Sub-Zero freezer repair.

Top Sub Zero Fridge Troubleshooting Guide

Top Sub Zero Fridge Troubleshooting Guide | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub-Zero is highly regarded as the leader of the refrigeration system. As most manufacturers test at least three units per run, every single unit made by Sub-Zero passes through a careful assessment before being approved to be pulled out from the factory. Their commitment to reliability with each model is another reason why they have dominated the industry. Regardless of the capacity or size, every refrigerator comes with the latest functions in the refrigeration system. 

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide

There are glaring signs that there is a temperature issue in a Sub-Zero refrigerator. These troubleshooting steps may help resolve the issue. If not, it may be essential to call a Sub-Zero certified repair service provider that can come to your place and perform a Sub-Zero refrigerator service. 

Dirty Condenser Coils 

Once the coils become filthy or have enough dirt on them, perhaps your refrigerator will have to work double-time to operate. When the condenser coils are still dirty, the Sub-Zero refrigerator will continue to work inefficiently. Examine the condenser coils, check for dust or other debris. Once you feel like you can get access to the condenser coils for a thorough cleaning, then do it immediately. Initially, see to it that your refrigerator is shut down and disconnected from a power source. Then go on with cleaning the coils with a warm wet cloth.

Inefficient Condenser Fan Motor 

The work of the condenser fan is to pull cool air in and spread it around the compressor. A Sub Zero refrigerator will not be able to cool itself down well when the condenser fan motor is not functioning properly. Repairing a condenser fan can be a daunting task though. To determine if the fan motor is not working well, examine the fan for clogs first. Adjust the blade yourself. When you see that the blade is not moving smoothly, it is a situation where the condenser fan motor needs a replacement.

Broken Thermostat Control 

To confirm if the thermostat is broken, turn the Sub-Zero thermostat from coolest to warmest. You have to hear a click and the fans should work. When nothing happens, it is recommended to have a professional Sub-Zero specialist come to diagnose and repair your refrigerator. 

Defective Start Relay 

Start relay is what helps activate the compressor to start. You’ll need to make use of a multimeter to check if it is defective. Not many clients have a multimeter in the house, however, if you own one, try it to test for regularity between the operation and start terminal sockets. When you see any shifts or the start relay releases some odor, it already needs to be replaced.

Not Working Compressor 

The compressor is very important. When your compressor is not working properly, your refrigerator won’t cool your food items and will break down completely. Fortunately, with Sub-Zero refrigerators it seldom happens. Before you leave and spend on compressor replacement, it is best to check the list of Sub Zero fridge troubleshooting guides. Once you have identified that the compressor is broken, immediately contact a reliable Sub-Zero technician. 

When in doubt, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. We have a team of factory-trained Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair technicians who can visit your home in no time and diagnose the problem then provide the long-term solutions. Also check out, Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair, and Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles.

Where To Go First For Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Service

Where To Go First For Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Service | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero refrigerators store our food items so they are always available to cook for meals or special occasions. However, the refrigerator works non-stop. Every day, refrigerators run to keep our food and drinks cold. Any home appliance that regularly works will give in to the natural wear and tear. One common issue with any refrigerator is when it ceases to cool.

When Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Stops Cooling

When the refrigerator stops cooling, it is a serious problem that needs immediate action. Your foods will be put in the wastebasket in no time once the refrigerator acts up. It may lead to you or your family getting ill and squander much money on spoiled food. Also, such an issue results in the refrigerator to work harder, which will lead to an untimely breakdown that uses up the lifetime of your refrigerator.

Sub Zero users who go through issues with their refrigerators staying cool can contact us immediately to seek a solution. As refrigerator professionals who specialize in Sub Zero brands, we have the knowledge and skills to accurately diagnose the issue and make a quick and quality repair. We know the importance of a working refrigerator and are dedicated to doing our best in efficiently resolving any problems that interrupt its regular use.

Common Causes of Sub Zero Refrigerator Not Cooling

It could be that the refrigerator just stops cooling without obvious signs more often than those that suggest there is an issue. Focus on anything irregular that may identify a problem and contact us to book a repair service once you suspect there is a problem. Some of the common reasons a Sub refrigerator may not be getting cold:

  • coils are frozen
  • error codes
  • improper temperature control settings
  • defective condenser motor
  • filthy condenser coils

This is only a minor list of possible reasons for the Sub Zero refrigerator to stop cooling. It’s a common issue with different potential reasons. Thus, DIY work is never a good option. Consider the time, money, and hassle you’ll have to deal with to identify the issue if we can send out a technician to diagnose the problem and make a quick and quality repair. 

If you call Sub Zero Appliance Repair, we’ll check the unit and make a quick diagnose and repair service so you will have your 

 working refrigerator in no time. 

We provide services to any models of Sub Zero refrigerator with expert technicians to repair them. We make use of first-class and quality spare parts on every repair without hidden charges in our services. Once your Sub Zero refrigerator isn’t cooling, know that we always have the solution. Let our team get your Sub Zero refrigerator back on track. We also offer services for Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair and Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in Miami.

How To Deal With Sub Zero Refrigerators Not Cooling?

How To Deal With Sub Zero Refrigerators Not Cooling | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero refrigerators typically last up to 15 years. Once you discover that your refrigerator isn’t functioning the way it should, then it is high time to perform Sub Zero refrigeration troubleshooting.  There are practical tips that you can perform for some common issues in Sub-Zero refrigerators. The following tips will walk you through the simple steps you can do on your own before seeking professional help. Begin your Sub Zero troubleshooting to restore your unit’s maximum performance!

Refrigerator Not Cooling

When your refrigerator doesn’t get the required temperature, your stored goods will get warm and go bad over time. Once the lamp lights up as you open the door, it goes to show that your unit is getting power. So when it doesn’t, see to it that it’s plugged appropriately into the electrical outlet and see to it that the circuit breaker has not burst.

Then adjust the thermostat and inspect that the vents aren’t clogged. Then free the coils from dirt and other debris under and behind your unit to boost the cooling performance. When nothing happens, after you perform these inspections, you may need to contact a professional repair technician to check the evaporator or condenser fan and inspect the entire refrigerator.

Inappropriate Temperature Setting

Begin with checking the temperature regulator to see to it that it is adjusted at the appropriate setting. It could be set too low.

Defective Door Seal 

When you observe that the ice accumulating on the door seal or refrigerator door, the seal may be defective. If the room temperature air enters, the refrigerator will develop some issues in keeping the appropriate pressure and temperature.

Dirty or Damaged Condenser

The condenser could be filthy or broken. When this is the case, the refrigerant will fail to cycle properly, which will result in over-freezing.

Blocked Defrost Drain

Sub Zero units have the feature of a defrosting mechanism if the refrigerator avoids the extra frost and moisture from the defrosting drain. When the defrosting drain is filthy or blocked, ice will start to pile up

Is your refrigerator freezing? It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance to perform several tests or possibly change the temperature control board. If the unit fails to keep the right temperature, it can result in the unit leaking.

It’s best to call a professional technician for help as a minor issue can turn into a major one without the proper repair service. Contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair today and let us perform the troubleshoot and repair works on your Sub Zero refrigerator. Also check out Sub Zero ice maker repair and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Miami.

When To Get A Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Service?

When To Get A Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Service | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

It’s definitely mysterious once you discover that your refrigerator is not cold, but the freezer is still cold. However, like any great movie thriller, you only have to see the signs to figure out the mystery. We will first look into the most possible reasons for a Sub-Zero refrigerator that breaks down, but the freezer is working fine. From a filthy door gasket to a defective thermistor, we will provide you the sign to close the case. 

Filthy or Defective Door Gasket 

The door gasket gives a tight seal if the door is shut off, holding the cold air in and keeping the warm air from getting in. When the gasket is filthy or defective, the door won’t cover properly despite when it stays sealed. Once this occurs, you’ll find the freezer cold, but the refrigerator warm. 

Examine the door gasket for some accumulated dirt or incurred damage such as cracks or holes. While a filthy gasket can be cleared with a wet cloth, a defective gasket needs replacement.

Frosted Evaporator Coils 

Evaporator coils deliver refrigerant in a gaseous, cold form as it circulates from the evaporator to the compressor. The latest refrigerators come in a built-in defrost system that thaws any frost accumulated on the evaporator coils from the refrigerant.

But when the defrost system breaks down, frost can build up on the coils. This frost blocks airflow inside the coils that affect the temperature of the refrigerator. In this case, you’ll observe that the refrigerator is warm, but the freezer is cold. When the evaporator coils are frozen over, we highly recommend that an expert evaluates the defrost system to identify the malfunction.

Damaged Evaporator Fan Motor 

The Sub-Zero evaporator system utilizes a fan that releases the cool air over the evaporator coils to help cool the interior part of your refrigerator. When this fan breaks down, either the freezer or refrigerator can go through a spike in temperature. 

Once you see these glaring signs, the evaporator fan motor may be the problem for the reason your Sub-Zero refrigerator won’t get cold but freezer will:

  • fan motor makes some noise
  • fan blades are hard to turn
  • multimeter testing shows a lack of regularity

Faulty Unit Thermistor 

The thermistor checks the internal temperature of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, translating its data to the control board that controls the compressor and evaporator fan. When the thermistor is faulty, it won’t translate the appropriate temperatures or deliver any data at all.

When this occurs, you’ll observe that your Sub-Zero refrigerator is not cooling, however, the freezer works fine. This is due to the compressor and evaporator that do not have the information when to give the refrigerator colder air, resulting in the spike of temperatures. When the multimeter testing shows a lack of regularity, it already requires to be replaced.

Once this troubleshooting does not work to solve the mystery of a malfunctioning refrigerator, it’s high time to seek Sub Zero refrigerator repair experts. Contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair to carry out any repair or maintenance service. Also, check out Sub Zero ice maker repair and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Miami.