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What Happens After Sub Zero Wine Storage Temperature Sensor Failure

What Happens After Sub Zero Wine Storage Temperature Sensor Failure | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Not everyone can own a wine cooler. This refrigeration system is designed for those who love drinking wines or collect different variants of them. Issues can occur in any appliance unit, it does not rely on its lifespan and manufacturer. The most common reasons that cause problems in wine coolers include the temperature sensor.

It is an electronic device that gauges the temperature of the wine cooler and reads the input data into electronic data to track, check, or inform temperature shifts. Keeping a stable temperature for wine is vital. The standard temperature is between 52°F to 58°F. Rising temperatures speed up the aging process of the wine. Normally, every  50°F rises double the speed of chemical processes. Thus, a wine that can she up to 10 years may be past its peak in only a few months once preserved incorrectly. 

When you find out that the stored bottles of wine are no longer cold, you may be facing issues with the temperature sensor inside the unit. In order to help ensure that your precious collections of wines are refrigerated and ready to be poured into your wine glass,  replace the temperature sensor with a genuine and new unit. Genuine spare component for select models of Sub Zero wine cooler units. You may go over the model fit list to see to it that it is the appropriate component of your appliance unit.

The main issue for the malfunction is the incorrect temperature inside the wine cooler unit. The temperature sensor can send to the control card the information that the temperature in the unit is beyond or under the normal range, while in reality, it pairs with the set parameters. Having acquired such data, the message is transferred to the motor that either begins cooling too much or ceases cooling altogether. As the device utilizes high-precision sensors, they are typically not fixed. The simple way to bring back the working capacity of the appliance is to change the temperature sensors with the new units.

Also, it will be observed by misting windows and spiking the level of humidity. The situation may cause a voltage hike and even the adjustment of the device as the installed sensor is very responsive to vibrations and mechanical issues. It is best to deal with the breakage immediately, and due to being inconsistent with moisture conditions, machines may break down. Repair work is completed by changing the broken humidity sensor with a new unit.

Once you suspect temperature sensor failure in your Sub Zero wine storage unit, don’t hesitate to contact the experts of Sub Zero Appliance Repair for professional consultation and services.  Check out our Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer.

How To Deal With A Sub Zero Wine Cooler Defective Fan

How To Deal With A Sub Zero Wine Cooler Defective Fan | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

It’s a great comfort to secure precious bottles of wine at hand when you have guests at home. Wine coolers are becoming more and more necessary in our life and have the benefits of being set up in any part of our house. You don’t have to go to a wine shop or wear boots to get in the cellar to get a good bottle. But it happens that your precious collections of exquisite wines are getting much attention with loud sounds. Remember that a normal humming sound is an inherent component of the compressor unit.

Sub Zero wine storage utilizes fans inside it to distribute the air, draw cold air towards the unit, and release hot air out of the unit. These fans can get stuck with dirt and other debris from the surrounding or turn loose and begin to sway over time. More usually than not, any noise that isn’t from your refrigerator can be tracked to one of the fans in the machine. 

Wine cooler units come with fan systems, refrigerant lines, and compressors. Thus, they are also vulnerable to the same issues that refrigerator units are exposed to. The electric fans are essential parts that help in establishing, supplying cool air, and keeping the temperature distribution within the wine cellar. They are also useful in preventing the accumulation of ice within the cabinet. The moving components of these electric fans are mainly responsible for creating loud sounds.

The fans in the Sub Zero wine cooler may also create unpleasant sounds when they are properly aligned. When the condenser fan is also filthy or not working well, it may produce a loud humming noise as it struggles to turn. One common issue with fans is that at times items can get stuck in the fan and stop it from spinning. It usually causes loud humming sounds.

How To Stop The Sounds

Once the fan issue is diagnosed, then you will have to wipe the fan. One good way to clean the fan is with either vacuum extension or compressed air. If you are done cleaning, the loud sounds should minimize or stop. When the noise persists after cleaning then there could be some dirt in the rotor or a defective fan blade. Then, you need to take off the fan to clean thoroughly.

When your Sub Zero wine cooler produces characteristic sounds of unpleasant friction, rattling, or vibration, it may be due to its defective fan. The fan can be replaced to fix the problem. If you want safe and efficient repair work, Sub Zero Appliance Repair is an excellent service provider. We offer services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

Understanding Why Sub Zero Wine Cooler Not Cooling

Understanding Why Sub Zero Wine Cooler Not Cooling | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Wine collectors and lovers understand how important it is for the bottle of wine to be kept at a certain temperature, reducing sediment disturbance, and improving the taste. So if the wine cooler does not stop cooling, something must be done, and immediately.

Directly troubleshooting as fast as possible seems the best course of action when the wine cooler is not working, but before getting your hands filthy, have time to identify the type of appliance you own. Based on the technology applied, wine coolers utilize either a thermoelectric system or compressor to cool the air within the cabinet.

Compressors work similar to a regular refrigerator, and when they are not cooling, there must be an issue. However, thermoelectric units are not really defective. Before deciding that the thermoelectric cooler is damaged, you need to learn its limitations. Affected by the environmental temperature, a thermoelectric unit will not work properly when the room temperature is hot. The wine coolers work well at room temperatures from 50°F to 80°F. Overreach it on the upper limit, and your wine cooler will not cool the wine.

Malfunctioning Condenser Fan 

A compressor cooling system has four components, one of which is a fan that cools the condenser and its coil down. This part is activated with the system, and if it fails, the condenser and coil could overheat. As a result, this will spark heat transfer from the components of the system to the cabinet, heating it up together with the bottles of wine.

Defective Evaporator

That cold air when you open the compressor wine cooler comes from the evaporator. This element draws the air from the coils and cools off inside the cabinet. When the evaporator fails to work, the cooler will not be able to make cold air despite the compressor working at optimum efficiency. As the evaporator also utilizes a fan, the cause for its breakdown can be clogged. In some cases, the blades of the fan may bend because of the accumulation of dirt and debris, and that’s another cause for the wine cooler may not be working well.

Broken Thermostat

When the compressor wine cooler is not working, one of the causes could become a defective thermostat. This element is designed to supply power to the compressor, condenser, and evaporator fan. The thermostat also enables one to adjust and control the temperature of the wine cooler, and when this critical component malfunctions, the bottles of wine will get spoiled. Sometimes, a damaged thermostat will heat up the interior, there are some situations if it cools down below the freezing limit.

It may be a quick repair or a case that needs more investigations, but in most cases, you’ll have to seek assistance from a professional technician. Immediately contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair when your Sub Zero wine cooler is not cooling already. Services include Sub Zero ice maker repair and  Sub Zero freezer repair.

Make Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair Easy

Make Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair Easy | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Whether you simply like drinking or collect precious wines, the best method to preserve your bottle collection is to keep them in a wine cooler. It can be harmful to the wine when you go through wine cooler temperature issues. There may be numerous causes why your Sub Zero wine cooler is not working efficiently, and it is essential to take care of it immediately.

The most important thing to figure out is there are various models of wine coolers. Familiarizing which system you own will help diagnose the issue. When you don’t have any idea which type you own, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair, and someone will assist you immediately.

Common Issues in Thermoelectric Cooler 

Inaccurate Room Temperature

If you experience thermoelectric wine cooler issues, the room temperature may be the culprit. This model of the cooler does not keep a cool temperature as efficiently as the compressor systems do. The required temperature is around 50 and 80 degrees. When the room is warmer, the wine cooler unit will not work properly.

The good thing about this problem is the cooler is not defective, and the issue is simple to fix. Increase the temperature of the air conditioner or adjust the cooler to the room with lower temperatures, and the unit will function properly once more.

Broken Fan

A thermoelectric wine cooler utilizes a fan to circulate hot air out. When it becomes defective, gets plagued with dirt, or loses connections, the unit will not function correctly.

To repair the problem, check the fan. When it is not installed, but the connectors and check if that fixes the problem. Once there is an accumulation of debris, get a soft and clean cloth to wipe it. When neither of them is the problem, the fan may need a replacement.

Common Issues in Compressor 

Defective Thermostat

When the wine cooler does not cool, it could be due to a defective thermostat. This distributes power to the parts that regulate and adjust the temperature of the unit, so when it is broken, the interior will get too warm or in some situations, too cold.

Malfunctioning Fan

The condenser fan maintains the coolness of the coils, and once it is not functioning, the whole system can overheat. When the fan fails to turn, check if it is because of some debris. If that’s the case, you can clear everything that prevents the fan from turning. When this is not the problem, you will have to change the fan so that it gets the wine cooler working again.

Damaged Evaporator

When the wine cooler does not cool, it could be due to an issue in its evaporator. This must be the result of ice buildup. This component also comes in a fan that may become clogged or dirty. To solve the issue, clean up any scraps on the fan or the element itself. Once the fan is contorted or defective, you have to change it. When there is frost on the evaporator, it is simple to mend. Just allow the ice to thaw prior to plugging the cooler in

When you are seeking professional  Sub Zero wine cooler repair, Sub Zero Appliance Repair is the best service provider for you. We can help you identify and repair the problem with the wine cooler. Call one of our experts to schedule an appointment. Check out our Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair services.

Is Your Sub Zero Wine Fridge Leaking?

Is Your Sub Zero Wine Fridge Leaking | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A collection of wine is one of the most complex items to preserve among alcoholic drinks. It gets old with a complex mechanism of subtle chemical processes that need ideal conditions for the best outcome. These conditions include relative humidity, safeguard from light, and stable temperature. Even quick exposures to temperature can result in a wine to spoil fast as harmful chemical reactions take place. Thus, the wine fridge creates a perfect storing place for old bottles of wine.

A sub-Zero wine fridge is made to create a stable temperature region where it can be regulated in its ideal temperature for storage. While mechanical vibration can spoil sensitive types of wine. Unlike other refrigeration units, the wine fridge is installed with silent compressor components to avoid extreme vibration that may spoil the aging mechanism and quality of your wine.

A wine fridge is a convenient machine to cool and preserve wine, especially for wine enthusiasts. Wine refrigerators are much like they sound, a fridge specifically made to store wine. A wine fridge is specifically designed to not only store but to mature your precious wine. Preserving and aging wine appropriately, shows its true quality and flavorful potential.

Even light damage to your wine fridge can damage the aging mechanism and give a sour-tasting wine. Have your wine fridge checked periodically and when repairs are necessary, then have Sub-Zero repair services take care of it. Why does your wine fridge leak? Below are some of the common causes:

Door Gasket

The door gasket covers cold air inside and keeps warm air outside of your unit. If it breaks or is defective, the wine fridge becomes unstable to maintain the temperature because of cold air going out. If the gasket or door seal is not tight enough, they may get too wet inside. This can result in issues with the leaking of water.

Drain Pan

Wine fridges with self-defrosting functions are installed with a drain pan. The pan accumulates the water that melts from the evaporator coils. For the water to evaporate in the drain pan, the condenser fan blows some warm air from the condenser coils on the other side on the top of the drain pan. As the condenser fan vaporizes the water in the drain pan,  it does not have to be cleared. But when the drain pan is broken, it will drain water as the defrost cycle is taking place.

Blocked or Frozen Defrost Drain

When the defrost drain is clogged with ice, the water will spill the drain trough and the bottom of the part. The water will then spill on the floor.

Regardless of which issue your wine fridge is experiencing, seek professional help that will help you have the merrier toasting with a delectable chilled wine! To get a professional repair service, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. The team offers the most reliable Sub Zero refrigerator and ice maker repair services. Services are also offered in Miami.

Sub Zero Wine Refrigerators Not Working

Sub Zero Wine Refrigerators Not Working | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

When you are not a professional technician and you have your Sub Zero wine refrigerator maintained or repaired, Sub Zero Appliance Repair will be glad to assist you! 

Unstable Temperature

At some point, you may notice that your wine refrigerators are struggling. It gets noisy and warm, it cycles all day, so perhaps it struggles to maintain the standard temperature. You have already used the vacuum to clean the condenser, but the issue gets worse. Prior to getting into it, you may not be able to figure out why your Sub-zero wine refrigerator is not maintaining the right temperature. Do not risk trying to make further repairs when you don’t have the knowledge and expertise in working a Sub-Zero wine refrigerator. 

Low Gas Level

Like other old units of Sub-Zero refrigeration units, your wine refrigerators are low on gas. Your unit is operating all day to even out the deficiency of refrigerant in its system, or maybe it has drawn moisture in and developed a clog. Either way, we are not only going to revitalize your wine fridge as that would be a risky move in this case. We are going to locate and repair your gas leak by changing the essential parts of your wine cooler machine. This is a technical work, it needs expertise with Sealed Systems and an EPA certified technician to perform.

Leaking Copper Evaporators 

The gas leak normally emanates from your evaporators. For most of the size, style, and brand of the evaporator can discharge gas, it happens at some point. Thus, you need to have warranties on your appliances for maintenance and repair services. The models of the wine fridge we handle these days come in two different evaporators that run on each part of the compartments. We have to change both. The reason why they are more vulnerable to leakage on a wine fridge with copper evaporator coils is the moisture and humidity are much higher in a wine cooler than in the refrigeration system or a freezer. 

You may have to replace these evaporators. Also, you may need to change the moisture filter drier that complements the model of your refrigerator and should be secured from the Sub-Zero factory. Recycle your gas based on the standard set by EPA. Solder everything in the new components back into the machine. You may also need to nitrogen check your soldiers. If you are uncertain that you have excellent solders, you’ll need to leave your wine refrigerator in the hands of an expert. 

Sub Zero Appliance Repair is the leading service provider for refrigerator repair and wine cooler repair services for Sub-Zero brands. Also, check out Sub Zero Repair Los Angeles.

The Art of Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

The Art of Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Wine coolers are becoming more in demand lately. It has turned into a standard kitchen appliance for most home kitchens. These appliances are much more practical and don’t take up as much energy as they used to. 

A Sub Zero wine cooler is a necessity for efficiently saving your valuable bottles of wine. If not stored properly, they begin to let go of their natural taste and quality. Wines need to be placed in good storage in order to keep their preference, smell, and harmony. Whether you buy a brand-new wine cooler or you have had one for many years, it is very important to take preventive measures to keep it functioning properly. 

There is nothing more frustrating than going home from a stressful day at work and craving a glass of wine but discover your wine cooler has stopped functioning due to the following reasons:

  • not cooling properly
  • too much cooling regardless of the setting
  • blinking front light 
  • leaking water
  • strange noise
  • fan not working

When your wine cooler unit is not working and spoiling your bottled wine, our highly trained and certified technicians from Sub Zero Appliance Repair will come to your home, check the problem, and perform quality and long-term repair service. We are factory trained to perform Sub-Zero wine cooler and other appliances.

Sub Zero Appliance Repair offers a wide range of quality and reliable services to deal with your wine cooler. We are proud of our work to provide our clients with long-term repair services that will help you save time and safeguard your precious investments. We always do our best to provide the most reliable and competitive service in the industry with quality work that has not been beaten. We strongly believe in the quality of work and offer an appliance repair service warranty on all replacement parts.

Regardless of the models of Sub Zero wine cooler or fridge you own, a highly trained technician could fix it – fast and get your unit working effectively again. In order to avoid future appliance issues, repair works supply more affordable upkeep services.

Many homeowners have invested in kitchen appliances and we greatly depend on them every day. When your wine cooler has stopped functioning, our professional technicians are here to do the right job. We provide same-day Sub Zero wine cooler repair service performed by one of our professional technicians. Count on our team to have your fridge cool your precious wines in no time. Our team also offers Sub Zero refrigerator repair, Sub Zero ice maker repair, and Sub Zero freezer repair.

Experience With Better Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

Experience With Better Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero wine cooler is a great appliance to add to your home kitchen. It offers the right temperature for your valuable wines, in a sophisticated storage place. When you are a wine lover or a regular host of special events in your home, Sub Zero wine cooler is definitely a must-have.

Sub-Zero wine coolers come in a wide selection of models that can cater to both new and seasoned wine collectors. These wine refrigeration units are used for short-term storage, keeping the wines accessible for your special meals and parties at home. Although you can’t make a cellar in your home kitchen, Sub Zero wine coolers help you provide the perfect temperature and humidity for your bottles of wine.

Some Sub Zero Wine Cooler Issues

Provided that you are maintaining and using your wine cooler properly such as not overloading it, close the door properly, and put it on level ground, you reap its benefits for a long period of time.

Yet, even with such a high-end appliance as a Sub Zero wine cooler, it’s unavoidable that you’ll experience some problems at some point of regular use. This becomes one of the major hassles when not resolving right away. After all, your precious wine investment is what’s on the line!

Below are the most common problems reported in wine coolers:

It won’t turn on

There are several causes that may trigger the problems to arise from a loose electric cord to a broken fuse, or trip breaker

It does not cool.

You may need to inspect the condition of the thermostat, or when there is a problem with the fan motor compressor.

It leaks some water.

You don’t want to see yourself puddling water leaking out of the wine cooler unit. The things you may need to check to include the door and its seal, or if there are drain hose issues.

It makes strange sounds.

Similar to your refrigerator unit, anticipate that there will be some basting sounds once the temperature suddenly changes. However, if there are constant vibrations in spite of the cooler being well balanced, you may need to seek repair service before the cooler gets an internal problem.

Keep your Sub Zero wine coolers in the perfect working condition by seeking the professional help of Sub Zero Appliance Repair in case any issues arise. Never wait for your wine collection to get affected whenever the wine cooler acts up, especially issues with its temperature, humidity, or leaks. Give our professional team a call when you badly need Sub Zero wine cooler repair. We will be glad to assist you! Our team attends Sub Zero ice maker repair and Sub Zero refrigerator repair service.

How to Fix Sub Zero Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is a fridge that you always dreamed of and everyone would have. It’s the refrigerator that keeps your supply drinks in safe and sound condition. But thing becomes miserable when you return home and find your cooler is not working properly.

This might turn your mood off. Now you have to figure out how to make it work. You need to find what a thing is not working properly in the cooler. There might be several reasons the list follows below.

Before jumping to the conclusion you must understand your cooler. You must know what technology does your cooler work, either on the compressor or on a thermoelectric cooling system. So it’s better to understand more about your cooler.

Here is a list of reasons and solutions that might help you.

1. Condenser not working

Well, many of coolers possess the same default problems. These coolers carry the same condenser coil and condenser problems. When the cooler is turned on its condenser coil doesn’t work properly or might get heated quickly. This provokes the heat that results in warming your wine.

Fixing it: You must check the condenser fan whether it is not choked. The dust and the spider webs might obstruct the blade from spinning. Cleaning it makes it free and thus you got it working.

2. Evaporator malfunctioning

A broken evaporator is cold air that you feel when you open the fridge. If the evaporator does not work it will not produce any cold air. To overcome this situation you must check the evaporator fan. Cleaning it will the job for you. If you still face problems then you might change the fan.

3. Thermostat defects

Thermostat defects are one of the other reasons that causing your cooler to not work properly. A thermostat is a reason behind the working of the evaporator fan, compressor, and condenser supply. It controls and adjusts the temperature of the wine cooler.

You cannot repair a thermostat on your own and  require a proper tool for it. It is advisable to hire a certified Sub Zero wine cooler repair professional. For fixing the Sub Zero wine refrigerator, you must call Sub-zero appliance repair services.Their highly-skilled and knowledgeable technicians are well equipped and trained in dealing with every type of situation.So if you find difficult in repairing your sub zero wine cooler,  don’t indulge too much, just call the Sub-zero appliance repair services for better results.

4 Ways to Fix Sub Zero Wine Cooler

Today, luxury appliances like a wine cooler or ice maker play an essential role in our living standards. We all are highly depending on these kinds of appliances. So, it is essential that they all work well according to our needs.

For instance, a sub zero wine cooler is an excellent appliance which preserves the wine for a longer time. And now if your sub-zero wine cooler is not working correctly, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. For Sub Zero Repair in Los Angeles, you must call an expert technician. But before this, you can try to fix it on your own.

Here are some simple steps that you can do to fix your wine cooler problem before contacting the sub-zero customer support:-

 Temperature not rising:

If you notice that your wine cooler is struggling to keep the temperature that you want,  you can VACCUM THE CONDENSER. This technique possibly works, but do not bother to try this repair if you are not much aware of the appliance.

Possibly if your wine’s cooler is dirty:-

·   You have to use compressed air.

·   Cover the backside of cooler with a towel so that dirt will not create any mess in your house.

·   Use a brush to clean the condenser (be careful, don’t bend the coils).

Check your wine cooler compressor:

If you check properly, you’ll find there are wires around the compressor, and in between, there are two types of plugs. One is white in color, and another one is black in color. The white part is the overload protector, and the black part is the PTC starter.

So you can replace those overload protector and starter. PTC starter is not that much costly, but overload, protector is a little bit expensive. And after doing this, possibly, your wine cooler will start working fine.

Low refrigerant (gas):

There are also some chances that your wine cooler is low on coolant. If your cooler is running all the time so there are some chances that your cooler will be on low gas. Also, there are some chances that the coolant sucked some moisture and created a blockage somewhere. And this is a technical repair, and it needs a lot of fundamental knowledge about the component. So don’t be late to Sub Zero Repair Los Angeles for further help.

Check the leakages:

You can also check gas leakages from your cooler. Some leakages you can check on your own. You must check the evaporator of your cooler first because gas leakage is more common from the evaporator. If there is any problem with the evaporator, you can replace it.

These are some of the common issues your wine cooler has. Though you can try putting your hands into its repair, Sub Zero Repair Los Angeles is a better option. You must call our sub zero appliance repair professionals for fixing your wine cooler or any other sub-zero appliances.