Common Sub Zero Freezer Problems and Solutions

Common Sub Zero Freezer Problems and Solutions | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

That moment when your frozen fresh goods got spoiled. If your Viking freezer isn’t working properly, it could not be a disaster requiring an immediate fix or full replacement. Prior to calling in a professional for a repair service, you can perform a minor yourself — supported by some information from the technicians at Sub Zero Appliance Repair.

Making Odd Noises

Dealing with a noise complaint can be very complicated. What noise such as humming on one day could sound like humming on another. Brashness is often comparative; so what is thought loud in the evening could be quiet in the day. Furthermore, various conditions will result in the appliance to sound distinct. When the appliance has another problem other than the strange noise, then dealing with that issue will more than likely also resolve the noise complaint.

Frost Buildup

Frost accumulation behind the freezer section, where the evaporator coil is installed, shows a problem with the defrost operation. Based on the appliance, this might be either a damaged heater, control board, and defrost sensor. More troubleshooting is necessary to identify what exactly is required to resolve the problem.

Water Leaking

If the appliance has a water connection for water and ice, the leak may emanate from the home links. Check the water line passing through the shutoff valve to the unit. Focus on where the line connects to the appliance and to the home valve. Carefully examine the shutoff valve. The valve needs to be replaced when it’s leaking anywhere.

Not Running

Make sure the appliance gets the required power. This can be done by identifying interior lighting or examining if the user interface display is activated or the freezer can release water or ice. When there’s no power supplied to the unit, see if the power source is working by plugging in another device, like a hairdryer or lamp. When that device also doesn’t turn on, then the outlet doesn’t have the power to flow towards it. Search for a torn outlet or breaker. 

Warm Temperature

The temperature of the freezer should be set properly. See to it that it wasn’t adjusted to a higher temperature setting. Also, a lot of things in there will block air circulation inside the freezer and too little will result in the cold air going out of the freezer when it’s opened. The position of the items in the appliance is also essential. 

Any of the above situations will require further troubleshooting to pinpoint and resolve Sub Zero temperature problems. If you are not sure of what to do, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. We offer Sub Zero ice maker repair and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Orange County.

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