Common Sub Zero Freezer Temperature Problems

Common Sub Zero Freezer Temperature Problems | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A defective freezer can result in major issues in the kitchen, limiting the supply of ice and storage range. To assist you with troubleshooting problems with the Sub Zero refrigerator,  we have gathered information on some of the most common freezer problems every homeowner faces.

Not Running

Sub Zero fridge freezer becomes impractical when it isn’t running, and a freezer that just won’t start can be due to a variety of causes. Prior to investigating the specific freezer parts, you need to see to it that the refrigerator still has electrical power. Examine if the freezer has not been disconnected from the power source, and if needed, a trial that the outlet still supplies the electricity. When there is a problem with the outlet, you will need to seek service from an electrician.

Once the electric outlet works, but the freezer doesn’t, there is likely a problem with its internal parts. Issues with the electronic control board or thermostat, compressor, or defrost timer can lead to a freezer that does not work properly. 

Frost Inside 

Frost inside is due to the warm, moist air that is stuck in the refrigerator every time you open and close it. The frost in the unit is normal, however, excessive frost can be an issue that eventually damages your freezer.

Too much frost inside the freezer is usually the result of a defective freezer door. A broken door or gasket can allow the warm air inside while the freezer is shut off, causing frost. When you notice some defects to either of these components, just change them to fix the problem. Frost inside the freezer can also be due to a defective freezer defrost sensor or defrost timer. To diagnose and repair the problems with these components, you need to contact a professional freezer repairman.

Excessive Noise

Like the refrigerator, the freezer works with its own cycles to guarantee peak performance. Modern freezers make less noise, and when your unit makes too much noise while operating, you perhaps have an issue with its internal parts.

A noisy unit is often due to excessive ice on its evaporator. The stuck ice can interrupt the rotating fan, resulting in loud noises while running. Frost can accumulate around the evaporator that affects some components such as the defrost heater, sensor, and timer. 

Too Warm

It means that a warm unit can’t serve its purpose. Your appliance has to provide the cold temperatures needed for preserving fresh food items, and a warm fridge can come from several problems.

A warm unit may be due to a defective thermostat, which regulates the temperature within the fridge. A defective thermostat will not read its temperature settings, and won’t cool the appliance properly. You will also experience problems with the sensors, which keep tracking of the temperature inside the freezer. A warm freezer can also be due to bigger issues with a sealed refrigerant system. 

No kitchen is complete without a working freezer, and by familiarizing yourself with some common Sub Zero refrigerator repair issues, you’ll be well aware of what to research and apply a range of freezer repair works yourself. But when you need professional assistance with all your freezer repair needs, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. With services for Sub Zero ice maker repair, and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Seattle.

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