Facts About Sub Zero Not Running Fan

Facts About Sub Zero Not Running Fan | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

In a refrigerator compartment, the fan in the freezer compartment influences the performance of the fridge. The fresh air to the entire unit emanates from the compartment and then is distributed with the help of the fan. If the freezer compartment fan or evaporator fan breaks down, the temperature in the compartments increases. With some DIY works, you can identify the reason for the malfunctioning evaporator fan to replace it if necessary.

Physically Blocked

When the fan breaks down, disconnect the fridge and take off the fan cover. Oftentimes, the issue is because the evaporator fails to function freely as the ice gets stuck on the fan blades. Sometimes, one or more of the fan blades, as the fans that come with metal blades, have become contorted resulting in jamming on the metal fan cover. With frost buildup, just let the ice thaw away will solve the problem provided that the motor windings have not been broken. When the problem is contorted fan blades, change the fan blade. Do not fix the blade as it will become imbalanced. At times, the issue is the stuck debris in the bearings of the motor and a regular shot of penetrating oil can fix the issue.

Changing Defective Motor

It’s important to note that evaporator fan motors consume limited power and have a long life-cycle, however, they can burn themselves out once the blade gets blocked and cannot rotate. When the fan blade twists smoothly, however, the fan does not operate, unplugging the wires at the fan and confirming continuity with the motor windings using a multimeter. Once you have no continuity, the winding is at fault and you require a replacement of the motor assembly. The fan is normally stuck in place by at least three screws. Just take off the old unit and bring it to the accredited appliance store to get the same replacement.

Check for Voltage

When the fan motor is electrically and physically fine, confirm if there is voltage at the terminals. In order to confirm the voltage, adjust the multimeter to the AC voltage operation and connect the test leads with alligator clips. Set the test leads for the clips not to hit each other or the cabinet of the unit. Connect the fridge to the power and track the reading. It must be120 volts. A zero volt means an absence of the voltage reaching the fan motor. Disconnect the fridge again prior to carrying out the troubleshooting.

Poor Thermostatic Control

While zero voltage getting to the fan motor may result in a broken wire between the motor and the thermostatic control, but defective wires seldom occur. In order to examine a wiring issue, take off the thermostatic control from its cabinet and conduct a continuity reading between the wires on both ends. Once the wires are okay, change the thermostatic control. Bring the old unit to the appliance store for you to get the right replacement.

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