Here’s Why Your Sub Zero Ice Maker Drawer Get Stuck

Here’s Why Your Sub Zero Ice Maker Drawer Get Stuck | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

When your ice maker drawer gets stuck and does not come out, never try to pull it really hard. A soft gentle shake to move it. When you have never pulled out the drawer before, don’t worry, most homeowners have some hacks to them, like a special position to remove that makes it simpler. Some units also got a lever to remove the ice maker also.

Once the ice drawer gets fully loaded or isn’t utilized always sufficiently, slight thawing and frosting may result in ice sticking together in lumps, making it difficult to release them. Pull out the drawer from the ice maker and break clumped up ice manually. Throw clumps that you can’t split up to the sink. As inactivity leads to ice clumps to create, the simplest long-term repair is to consume the ice maker more often.

Many ice maker units come with a raking mechanism to release fresh cubes evenly in the drawer. The raker bar might have some ice stuck in it, resulting in its jamming. In order to repair it, remove ice cubes from the raker bar manually. Eliminate the ice from the drawer once it ever starts getting too loaded.

Ice and scraps can block the dispenser chute, resulting in the flap not opening completely. When ice isn’t dispensed, do not press the dispenser, open the door, and check the chute. Once it’s clogged, eliminate the obstruction.

At some point, the water supply valve breaks down. A water supply line to the refrigerator enables it to make ice. When the valve that regulates the supply line has become clogged, corroded, or broken, the ice maker will stop functioning. You have to check the water supply line and change the valve to restore the optimum performance of the ice maker. It may need assistance from an expert.

Sub Zero ice makers utilize a filter to block particles in the water from making the ice dirty or make it taste bad. When you never change the filter, it can get stuck over time and stop the water flow into the unit. To keep the ice fresh and the water running, replace its water filter as often as the manufacturer suggests.

When the troubleshooting tips don’t improve the situation, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair for the services your appliance requires. Our team of factory-trained technicians gets your ice maker run optimally and helps you prevent further damage in the future. As the technician is at your place, you can request an intensive freezer check-up. It will make you confident, knowing your unit is working efficiently.

If your Sub Zero ice maker drawer gets stuck, you can trust our team of experts. Sub Zero Appliance Repair offers the fast and quality repairs you expect. Contact our Sub Zero brand specialist to get your ice maker back in shape. We provide services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

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