How To Perform Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting

At some point, Sub Zero refrigerators can act up when we least expect it. Sub Zero Appliance Repair technicians know the importance of redeeming the functional use of your refrigerator and spare yourself away from costly loss of food. When you schedule a service appointment, they will do their best to perform a same-day service. 

While the technicians find every way to carry a complete stock of the parts, sometimes there may be some need to place an order to secure them. They keep a wide network of tools and will be able to speed up the delivery of the spare parts to carry out the repair in a timely and effective manner. But before you contact a professional, you may first go over the owner’s manual for a complete list of troubleshooting guides and how to perform them. 

Below are practical tips taken from the user’s manual to help you troubleshoot and fix some of the  common issues with your Sub Zero refrigerator:

Not cooling or turning on

  • Check if it’s turned on.
  • Check the electrical connection or the circuit breaker.

Freezer light not on

  • Close the door or drawer for at least 60 minutes.
  • Replace LED interior lighting.

Frost or ice buildup inside

  • Clean the condenser.
  • Close the door or drawer properly.
  • Do not leave the door or drawer ajar.
  • Turn off the unit and use a hairdryer to melt ice and wipe up water with a cloth.

High temperatures or releasing too much heat.

  • Clean the condenser.
  • Close the door or drawer properly.
  • Do not leave the door or drawer ajar.
  • Adjust the temperatures for the compressors to run normally.
  • Adjust the showroom mode.

Not dispensing water

  • Wait for at least one hour and try the dispenser again.

No ice

  • Check and set the cube indicator in the control panel display.
  • Install the ice container properly.
  • Adjust the ice maker arm position.
  • Replace and install water filters within the last 12 months.
  • Remove the water filter if a reverse osmosis filtration system is being used. 

Bad taste or smell

  • Defrost and clean with soap and water.
  • Put charcoal briquettes inside to eliminate the odor.
  • Clean the condenser.
  • Change air purification cartridge.
  • Clean unit and shelves thoroughly. 
  • Dispose of spoiled food.

When you search everywhere for the most reliable Sub Zero refrigerator repair when your troubleshooting works fail, you know exactly who to ask for assistance. Contact one of our experts as soon as possible for more details about your refrigerator unit and secure a service appointment in no time. We also offer Sub Zero refrigerator repair and Sub Zero appliance repair in Los Angeles.

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