How To Replace A Sub Zero Refrigerator Cracked Water Filter Housing

How To Replace A Sub Zero Refrigerator Cracked Water Filter Housing | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A faulty water filter head and housing are often the sources of a leak inside your Sub Zero refrigerator. Water will escape the part and end up in a puddle on the fridge floor if there is a gap in the head and housing. Fortunately, a careful examination of the component is needed to determine if it is the source of the leak.

You’ll need to repair the part after you’ve inspected it and determined that it is still affected. Fortunately, replacing the broken water filter head and housing with a new one is a relatively straightforward appliance repair. Begin the installation by feeding the water lines through the holes in your refrigerator’s back wall and bottom. Then, against the wall, press the filter head and housing and reinstall the screw that holds it in place.

Link the water lines to the lines that run to the ice maker and water dispenser at the front of your appliance. And sure to replace the safety caps on the lines first. You will insert the water lines into the couplings connected to the ice maker and water dispenser lines. Snap the safety caps onto the bottom of the couplings to secure the lines. Reinstall the kick plate to complete the job.

Reinstall the water filter lines to the water inlet valve at the rear of your refrigerator. Start by placing the lines in the correct order, and then lock them to the back of your refrigerator by replacing the cover and brackets you removed during the disassembly.

Slide the protection covers back on the white and orange water lines before reconnecting the lines to the inlet valve. You can insert the lines into the water inlet valve. If you don’t drive the lines in deep enough, you’ll end up with another spill. Reattach the locking collars until the lines are tight to ensure they don’t fall loose.

Reinstall the water inlet by using the mounting screw you removed earlier to secure it in the refrigerator. Reconnect the water line to the top of the valve until the inlet valve is in operation. You should seal up the back of your refrigerator by reinstalling the rear access panel until all of the water lines are attached to the inlet valve.

Insert the water filter into the housing on the front of your refrigerator. Then, once the filter is locked in place, turn it clockwise. Before plugging the refrigerator back in and flipping on the water tank, reinstall the refrigerator shelving.

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