How To Thaw Sub Zero Refrigerator Frozen Lines

How To Thaw Sub Zero Refrigerator Frozen Lines | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

If your Sub Zero ice maker stops producing ice, or it just produces tiny ice cubes, the waterline may be frozen. Melting the refrigerator’s frozen water line is a fix you are able to perform with some tools you may have in the house, also soft cloth to soak up watery dirt.

When you need to confirm if the line is frozen, just take the kick plate off the bottom of the refrigerator then remove the hook of the waterline only under the left door. When water passes through then the water line is frozen within the door. Re-install the water line and change the kick plate.

Below are the steps on how to thaw the ice in the waterline:

  • Remove the items from the freezer to an insulated cooler. Move the ice bucket from the fridge and dispose of excess ice cubes into the kitchen sink.
  • Move the fridge away from the wall so you can reach the supply valve and electrical cord. Disconnect the refrigerator from the power source and turn off the supply valve.
  • Loosen the bolts connecting the ice maker to the inner wall of the refrigerator. The ice maker is supported by a wall with two brackets. After slacking the two bolts, raise the ice maker to detach the brackets from the bolts.
  • Press both sides of the wire harness connecting the unit to the back wall of the freezer. Draw the wire harness from the freezer wall to let go of the unit. Adjust the ice maker to a towel on the table.
  • Connect the hairdryer to the working outlet beside the fridge. Switch on the hairdryer to its high setting and place it beside the ice maker fill tube that is seen behind the wall of the freezer. Clutch the dryer close to the fill tube until water drips from the ice and the tube connecting the tube come down to the freezer.
  • Install the wiring harness from the unit behind the wall of the freezer. Hang the unit on the screws in the wall. Secure the screws to tighten the ice maker.
  • Glide the bucket back into the freezer. Switch on the supply valve and connect the fridge’s power cord back into the wall outlet. Push the fridge back into its normal position. Put the items back in the freezer from the cooler.
  • Inspect the thermostat on the freezer to see to it that it’s adjusted between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermostat is too low, it may result in the water line freezing again.

When it doesn’t repair the problem for you then you may think of replacing the filter or valve as it can cease or slow the flow from the dispenser. Let Sub Zero Appliance Repair know if the steps above don’t work, so we can help you resolve these aggravating refrigerator issues. Check our services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

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