Is Your Sub Zero Wine Fridge Leaking?

Is Your Sub Zero Wine Fridge Leaking | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A collection of wine is one of the most complex items to preserve among alcoholic drinks. It gets old with a complex mechanism of subtle chemical processes that need ideal conditions for the best outcome. These conditions include relative humidity, safeguard from light, and stable temperature. Even quick exposures to temperature can result in a wine to spoil fast as harmful chemical reactions take place. Thus, the wine fridge creates a perfect storing place for old bottles of wine.

A sub-Zero wine fridge is made to create a stable temperature region where it can be regulated in its ideal temperature for storage. While mechanical vibration can spoil sensitive types of wine. Unlike other refrigeration units, the wine fridge is installed with silent compressor components to avoid extreme vibration that may spoil the aging mechanism and quality of your wine.

A wine fridge is a convenient machine to cool and preserve wine, especially for wine enthusiasts. Wine refrigerators are much like they sound, a fridge specifically made to store wine. A wine fridge is specifically designed to not only store but to mature your precious wine. Preserving and aging wine appropriately, shows its true quality and flavorful potential.

Even light damage to your wine fridge can damage the aging mechanism and give a sour-tasting wine. Have your wine fridge checked periodically and when repairs are necessary, then have Sub-Zero repair services take care of it. Why does your wine fridge leak? Below are some of the common causes:

Door Gasket

The door gasket covers cold air inside and keeps warm air outside of your unit. If it breaks or is defective, the wine fridge becomes unstable to maintain the temperature because of cold air going out. If the gasket or door seal is not tight enough, they may get too wet inside. This can result in issues with the leaking of water.

Drain Pan

Wine fridges with self-defrosting functions are installed with a drain pan. The pan accumulates the water that melts from the evaporator coils. For the water to evaporate in the drain pan, the condenser fan blows some warm air from the condenser coils on the other side on the top of the drain pan. As the condenser fan vaporizes the water in the drain pan,  it does not have to be cleared. But when the drain pan is broken, it will drain water as the defrost cycle is taking place.

Blocked or Frozen Defrost Drain

When the defrost drain is clogged with ice, the water will spill the drain trough and the bottom of the part. The water will then spill on the floor.

Regardless of which issue your wine fridge is experiencing, seek professional help that will help you have the merrier toasting with a delectable chilled wine! To get a professional repair service, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. The team offers the most reliable Sub Zero refrigerator and ice maker repair services. Services are also offered in Miami.

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