One of the Common Sub Zero Freezer Drawer Problems

One of the Common Sub Zero Freezer Drawer Problems | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero freezer offers an excellent and simply accessible storage appliance for most kitchen homes. But they do have a  potential issue. As the unit is basically just one huge drawer, there is the possibility that this type of drawer does not close well. If this occurs, the quality of the frozen food may be affected and you are squandering the power out of the gap.

The initial action for this problem is to examine and ensure that nothing is preventing your freezer drawer from closing completely. Some items hold over the lip or being too tall can prevent how it shuts off. When the storage boxes are not loaded properly, it can also affect how the freezer drawer shuts off.

Another potential problem is the gasket that controls the edges. Use fingers around the lip of the freezer drawer to check if the gasket isn’t rough. When there are any barriers or breaks, then the gasket will require replacement so that it creates a proper seal.

In a few cases, the rails where it slides may cause this problem. The rail is designed to last long. However, when you have children at home, opening the drawer and then putting weight on top of it can warp them. Thus, when children or adults have been resting or sitting on the drawer, the rails may warp and affect how the drawer closes.

When the freezer drawer on a door or bottom fridge is not sealing correctly, frost or ice may begin to form in the freezer. If this happens, first examine the following

  • See if there are no loads in the drawer that may stop the door from shutting off properly.
  • Wag the freezer box to see to it that is completely seated in the slides.
  • With a door open, ensure that the gasket is completely placed in the groove. In the corners, use a finger or pen along the edge to check if the gasket is in the groove.

The door should reach the frame of the fridge and the gaps between the door and the gasket should be even and the bottom.

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