Quality Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair Service Ensured

Quality Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair Service Ensured | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

If you spend money on a refrigerator unit that has a built-in ice maker, expect it to work properly and produce ice so you can have some when needed. That means an ice maker not making ice is a frustrating issue. Fortunately, we have put listed some ice maker troubleshooting steps below to get the unit up and running again.

Control Arm Not Activated
Every refrigerator unit that comes with an ice maker has a control arm. This component is normally internal and functions as a switch to switch the unit on and off. When it is shut down, no need to overthink.

It’s simple to accidentally hit the switch when placing food or other goods inside the freezer. Just switch on the arm and check if this repairs the ice maker, not making an ice problem. Keep in mind that some models need a reset when replacing the control panel.

Frozen Water Line 
Water lines can be the reason for the ice maker not experiencing ice problems. This can prevent or even cease the water flow inside your refrigerator.

There are some ways to defrost the line and start fresh. When you can wait, unplug the unit for a couple of hours and allow the ice to naturally melt. In times when you need a quick solution, defrost the line using a hairdryer or unplug the refrigerator and carefully put warm water in the line. Once the problem gets worse or the ice maker is slow producing ice, it’s high time to contact the ice maker repair specialists.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve 
In some cases, the water inlet valve in the unit could be defective. This component is an electronic valve that enables water to tass through the dispenser and ice maker. When it’s damaged or doesn’t facilitate the required amount of pressure to pass through it, it will stop the water supply. It can result in the refrigerator ice maker, not producing ice.
It may also cause the dreaded ice to taste horrible. When the inlet valve is damaged or defective in any way, it can be difficult to change it on your own. We recommend seeking professional help.

Broken Assembly 
If everything else fails and nothing fixes the refrigerator ice maker issue, the ice maker assembly could be damaged. You will need to change the whole unit if one element stops working.
Most manufacturers provide some tips and guides on their websites as to which unit assembly to secure for your model. We recommend checking the specific model prior to making any purchases when the one doesn’t function properly.

Hopefully, you have been able to repair your Sub Zero ice maker. Once some problems persist, don’t hesitate to seek professional help from Sub Zero Appliance Repair. We also provide services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

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