Sub Zero Ice Maker Keeps Running For Some Reasons

Sub Zero Ice Maker Keeps Running For Some Reasons | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Considering ice maker issues, you may anticipate it to show a problem or another that will cease making ice. But a Sub Zero ice maker that keeps running ice is not something that we expect to have to go through in our unit. You can simply enjoy different ice-cold drinks before they give up their taste, and then it turns to a battle of ceasing the ice maker from replacing the freezer with ice. It squanders water, it uses up energy, and it has to stop. If this problem manifests, there are different potential issues that you can easily repair, but you need to identify which is most possible and repair the issue quickly so as to not produce more ice than you need and go on wasting energy.

Shut-Off Arm

Actually, unless you are able to spot that the ice maker shut-off arm is in some way defective, this is maybe the least likely issue. The arm is designed to adjust the ice maker on and off as desired, so it turns into quite obvious problem for most users.

When you adjust the shut-off arm to the off, however, the ice maker keeps producing ice anyway, then it is a possible issue with the shut-off arm. This component is easy to change as you simply push it back and pop it out of its alcoves then change.

Feeler Paddle

When the shutoff arm still functions, but the ice maker does not stop producing ice when it is switched on, then the issue is not with the shutoff arm, but instead the feeler paddle. In an ice maker, there is a plastic paddle that has the one function of stopping ice flow when the bin is loaded. Once the feeler paddle stops working, it will not cease ice production when the bin is loaded and the ice will then release to the freezer.

This component is normally located below the ice maker unit. At times, it could be frozen up or needs lubrication to work properly. However, if there are no clear reasons for it to malfunction, the paddle can be changed by unscrewing the bolt holding it on and attach the replacement properly.

Water Valve

When the shutoff arm and feeler paddle all check out, the only possible issue is the actual water inlet valve to the fridge. Normally, you will be able to determine when the ice maker is posing some issues with the water inlet valve as the ice will not be as clean as it is used to. Once it is a water valve problem, it is an issue with the valve not shutting off and continuously supplying water. It will lead to iced drips and puddling in the ice maker.

Unlike other problems, changing water inlet valves to the ice maker unit is more complicated. When you are uncomfortable doing this part installed behind the refrigerator, you may contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair for professional service.

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