Dealing With A Sub Zero Refrigerator Cracked Water Filter Housing

Dealing With A Sub Zero Refrigerator Cracked Water Filter Housing | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A leak inside a Sub Zero refrigerator is often due to a cracked water filter housing. Once something breaks in the head and housing, some water can clear out and cause a puddle on the kitchen floor of the refrigerator. Fortunately, all you need is an intensive inspection of the components to determine the cause of the leak. When you have checked the parts and confirms it is indeed defective, you’ll have to change it. Luckily, replacing the cracked water filter housing for a new unit is a basic appliance repair.

A Sub Zero refrigerator is one reliable labor-saving appliance you can invest in your home, thus it could come as a surprise when it causes a leak. It may require a diagnosis by an expert but there is Sub Zero Appliance Repair. There are also some common maintenance problems that you can repair on yourself at home before you call in for professional services. Don’t ignore, water can find its path to all kinds of nooks and crannies and incur serious damage.

When you have a modern unit equipped with a water filter, it could be the source of a leak. In most cases, this is due to a weak connection between the refrigerator and the filter. The size of the filter is the problem and requires replacement. When the water filter is worn, it may have cracked over time. It may not be a big problem, however, it needs to be fixed immediately so that you won’t need to clean up the mess. We at Sub Zero Appliance Repair can identify the problem of the water filter crack and mend it easily or just change it.

Water Filter Leaks After Cleaning It

Most cracks on the water filter are just the result of a piece of debris that gets stuck in the rubber O ring within the housing and the container. Eliminating the debris and ensuring that the O ring makes a proper seal will often prevent the cracks. Thus check and locate that obstruction. When you get well water that has sediment, you get a sediment filter you need to change.

Once you replace it a few times, it becomes a regular process. The time comes when you replace it and you notice water dripping from the filter housing. So what should you do? Don’t call in a plumber immediately to replace the entire unit just because we have some leaks. Examine a few things first to confirm if you can mend the issue and keep you from costly professional services

When you are unable to fix your Sub Zero refrigerator from leaking due to a cracked water filter housing, contact us at Sub Zero Appliance Repair. Check out our services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair.

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