Sub Zero Refrigerator Faulty Start Relay: Noticeable Signs To Watch Out For!

Sub Zero Refrigerator Faulty Start Relay: Noticeable Signs To Watch Out For | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

A starter relay is a small electrical device that helps boost the compressor inside the refrigeration system. It determines when the compressor should turn on, based on the need for cool air within the refrigerator unit. The compressor can not work properly if the start relay wears out. If the compressor fails, then the fridge’s interior does not cool down, and your freezer may not freeze properly. While there are numerous reasons why your compressor breaks down, a defective start relay is one of the most common. So when your start relay is out, your compressor won’t start effectively, and the cooling cycle may not begin. 

Noticeable Signs That Your Refrigerator Start Relay Is Bad

There are two noticeable signs that your refrigerator start relay is bad, and these are the followings below such as:

  • Refrigerator Not Cooling- This could be the main and the most obvious sign that your refrigerator’s start relay is faulty or having a hard time working. There’s a fair chance that the start relay is not working if your valuable refrigerator has stopped cooling entirely. So if you happen to experience your refrigerator not cooling, a faulty start relay could be one to blame.
  • Start Relay Makes Clicking Sound- There is an audible click every time the start relay activates the compressor. This click occurs whether or not the compressor is turned on. If the compressor does not turn on when the start relay attempts to turn it on, the start relay will try again in a short period, usually every two to five minutes. That is why if you have noticed or happen to hear a repetitive clicking sound, it indicates that your start relay wears out and may require immediate replacement.

So if your Sub Zero refrigerator has shown just any of the following listed above, then maybe it’s time to invest in some Sub Zero refrigerator repair or start relay replacement services. Whatever services you are here for, you know that you can always rely on Sub Zero Appliance Repair for that.

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