Sub Zero Refrigerator Faulty Water Inlet Valve Repair Tips

Sub Zero Refrigerator Faulty Water Inlet Valve Repair Tips | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

The cold beverage in the summer season may not be possible when it is for the ice maker in the Sub Zero refrigerator.  If the unit stops functioning as it should, you may want to contact a professional technician. Prior to making a phone call, there are some things that you can see to it that the ice maker actually is defective.

Water not getting to the tray may indicate an issue with the water inlet valve, though not regularly. The water line from the valve to the unit can frost, not allowing water into the unit. A blocked water filter may also result in low or no flow to either the water dispenser or ice maker. When it’s identified that none of them is the issue, you have to examine the water valve.

Finding the Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

In order to evaluate the water valve, disconnect the power cord and close the water supply to the fridge. A lot of foods will be fine when placed in the fridge as long as the doors are shut off; power will be shut down for just about half an hour when examining the valve. Put on the work gloves to shield your hands. Reach the water valve, often found under the rear of the fridge. The refrigerator inlet valve can go bad either mechanically or electrically. 

Examining the Valve for Electrical Failure

To assess for electrical damage, reach the fridge water valve often found under the rear of the fridge cabinet. Make use of a multimeter to make use of consistency, great electrical flow, of the valve coils.

  • Plug the water supply line installed to the valve, and unplug the wires found in the solenoid coils. Its number will vary depending on the model, and every coil comes with two terminals.
  • Adjust the multimeter to the lowest resistance setting, and see if the meter is gauged properly.
  • Examine the terminals, and put the probe on the other terminal. Perform it for every solenoid coil.

When the meter calibrates the resistance, the digital meter display does not alter completely or the analog meter needle does not move and the valve has no consistency and is poor.

Checking the Valve for Mechanical Damage

To evaluate for mechanical damage to the water valve, it’s simplest to solve a water supply issue.

  • Unplug the water supply line from the valve.
  • Put a box under the end of the supply line.
  • Switch on the water to the supply line and examine the flow.

Once the water flow seems frail or intermittent, the issue is with the water supply. A solid, regular flow may mean the water valve has become blocked and limited.

When the water inlet valve has broken down, locate the appropriate valve for the model and go over the repair manual on how to change a Sub Zero refrigerator faulty water inlet valve. If you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair immediately.  Check out our services that include Sub Zero refrigerators repair and  Sub Zero freezer repair.

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