Sub Zero Refrigerator Leaky Water Tank Assembly – How To Fix

Sub Zero Refrigerator Leaky Water Tank Assembly - How To Fix | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

When you find your Sub Zero refrigerator leaky, the water tank assembly could be the culprit. It is the component that links the water supply line at the back of the unit to the filter then to the inlet valve. When you situate in a place with hard water, the accumulation can block or break with the tubing.

A refrigerator water tank assembly that serves to connect the fridge to the water supply, the tank is installed to the ice maker and its dispenser for instantly supplying water to both units once the ice maker begins functioning or when the ice water dispenser is activated. No changes are needed to be done in a Sub Zero fridge that is already set with the auto ice maker and with the unit dispenser. The water tank assembly comes with a motor-driven pump with a water pressure-sensitive switch for the water in the tube coming from the tank to the two valves, which in turn regulate the movement of water to the unit and to the ice water dispenser, which will be kept at the required water pressure regularly. The component also has manually controlled ways for replenishing the reservoir when necessary.

Common causes for replacing the water tank assembly are when it is leaking, resulting in water leaking out of the unit and the water pressure from the dispenser fluctuating. Check the water tank assembly for any breaks or holes. Remember that the leak could be very small and difficult to find. When you spot a leak, change the water tank. Do not try to fix the water tank – the glue will not attach to the tank properly. Change the assembly then perform these steps to do the tasks yourself:

  • Disconnect the fridge from the outlet and shut off the water supply.
  • Uninstall the refrigerator interior.
  • Remove the broken water tank and the filter head.
  • Set up the new water tank and the filter head.
  • Reinstall the refrigerator interior. 

Newly connected units can take up to a day to cool off properly. Particularly at this time, the plastic water tank constricts and bloats as the temperature shifts. Furthermore, if room temperature water gets in the cold water tank it can bloat and constrict. It can also result in a drop from the dispenser. 

If none of the DIY steps works or you have other appliances you want to repair, contact our team at Sub Zero Appliance Repair. Our team is highly trained to perform Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair services.

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