Sub Zero Refrigerator Problems and Solutions

Sub Zero Refrigerator Problems and Solutions | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Does your Sub-Zero refrigerator have some problems? Understanding the behavior of your refrigerator is important to maintaining this type of branded appliance. Understanding the basic functioning of your Sub-Zero fridge will give you a clearer perspective of when your refrigerator requires repair service. 

Activated condenser coil light. 

If this light is on, it signifies that the compressor has been working non-stop. This is alarming as it means your fridge is having to work double-time to maintain its ideal temperature 

Initially, you need to check if the light coming on is the reflection of your condenser coils. If they are filthy, they don’t disperse heat as they are expected. With a Sub-Zero refrigerator, the condenser coils are installed on the top of the unit at the back of the grille. You may need to clean these coils at least twice a year, and even more often if you have some pets at home.

When your coils are very clean, another factor is that your evaporator coil has formed small holes and is releasing freon. If this happens, you need to contact a refrigerator technician immediately to identify and repair the problem. Without immediate service, your fridge will eventually break down.

Sub-Zero refrigerators have two compressors, so there is one compressor for each of the refrigerator and its freezer. Other refrigerators only have one compressor for the whole unit, so this is an edge for Sub-Zero and some branded refrigerators. It’s common to see one part of the unit breaking down, however, the other side is working properly. Some causes of your refrigerator or freezer not to cool or make ice include:

  • defective condenser fan motor 
  • broken evaporator fan motor 
  • poor start relay

Leaking water from the unit

There are several possible reasons when your refrigerator leaks water. One reason for this is a clocked or buildup defrost drain. You need to check it first when it happens to your Sub-Zero refrigerator. When it’s a frozen or blocked drain, remove the frost or clear out the drain of scraps by rinsing it with hot water. Other common causes of this issue include:

  • the cracked water tank assembly
  • defective water inlet valve
  • broken water filter housing

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