Sub Zero Wine Refrigerators Not Working

Sub Zero Wine Refrigerators Not Working | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

When you are not a professional technician and you have your Sub Zero wine refrigerator maintained or repaired, Sub Zero Appliance Repair will be glad to assist you! 

Unstable Temperature

At some point, you may notice that your wine refrigerators are struggling. It gets noisy and warm, it cycles all day, so perhaps it struggles to maintain the standard temperature. You have already used the vacuum to clean the condenser, but the issue gets worse. Prior to getting into it, you may not be able to figure out why your Sub-zero wine refrigerator is not maintaining the right temperature. Do not risk trying to make further repairs when you don’t have the knowledge and expertise in working a Sub-Zero wine refrigerator. 

Low Gas Level

Like other old units of Sub-Zero refrigeration units, your wine refrigerators are low on gas. Your unit is operating all day to even out the deficiency of refrigerant in its system, or maybe it has drawn moisture in and developed a clog. Either way, we are not only going to revitalize your wine fridge as that would be a risky move in this case. We are going to locate and repair your gas leak by changing the essential parts of your wine cooler machine. This is a technical work, it needs expertise with Sealed Systems and an EPA certified technician to perform.

Leaking Copper Evaporators 

The gas leak normally emanates from your evaporators. For most of the size, style, and brand of the evaporator can discharge gas, it happens at some point. Thus, you need to have warranties on your appliances for maintenance and repair services. The models of the wine fridge we handle these days come in two different evaporators that run on each part of the compartments. We have to change both. The reason why they are more vulnerable to leakage on a wine fridge with copper evaporator coils is the moisture and humidity are much higher in a wine cooler than in the refrigeration system or a freezer. 

You may have to replace these evaporators. Also, you may need to change the moisture filter drier that complements the model of your refrigerator and should be secured from the Sub-Zero factory. Recycle your gas based on the standard set by EPA. Solder everything in the new components back into the machine. You may also need to nitrogen check your soldiers. If you are uncertain that you have excellent solders, you’ll need to leave your wine refrigerator in the hands of an expert. 

Sub Zero Appliance Repair is the leading service provider for refrigerator repair and wine cooler repair services for Sub-Zero brands. Also, check out Sub Zero Repair Los Angeles.

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