Top Sub Zero Fridge Troubleshooting Guide

Top Sub Zero Fridge Troubleshooting Guide | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub-Zero is highly regarded as the leader of the refrigeration system. As most manufacturers test at least three units per run, every single unit made by Sub-Zero passes through a careful assessment before being approved to be pulled out from the factory. Their commitment to reliability with each model is another reason why they have dominated the industry. Regardless of the capacity or size, every refrigerator comes with the latest functions in the refrigeration system. 

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide

There are glaring signs that there is a temperature issue in a Sub-Zero refrigerator. These troubleshooting steps may help resolve the issue. If not, it may be essential to call a Sub-Zero certified repair service provider that can come to your place and perform a Sub-Zero refrigerator service. 

Dirty Condenser Coils 

Once the coils become filthy or have enough dirt on them, perhaps your refrigerator will have to work double-time to operate. When the condenser coils are still dirty, the Sub-Zero refrigerator will continue to work inefficiently. Examine the condenser coils, check for dust or other debris. Once you feel like you can get access to the condenser coils for a thorough cleaning, then do it immediately. Initially, see to it that your refrigerator is shut down and disconnected from a power source. Then go on with cleaning the coils with a warm wet cloth.

Inefficient Condenser Fan Motor 

The work of the condenser fan is to pull cool air in and spread it around the compressor. A Sub Zero refrigerator will not be able to cool itself down well when the condenser fan motor is not functioning properly. Repairing a condenser fan can be a daunting task though. To determine if the fan motor is not working well, examine the fan for clogs first. Adjust the blade yourself. When you see that the blade is not moving smoothly, it is a situation where the condenser fan motor needs a replacement.

Broken Thermostat Control 

To confirm if the thermostat is broken, turn the Sub-Zero thermostat from coolest to warmest. You have to hear a click and the fans should work. When nothing happens, it is recommended to have a professional Sub-Zero specialist come to diagnose and repair your refrigerator. 

Defective Start Relay 

Start relay is what helps activate the compressor to start. You’ll need to make use of a multimeter to check if it is defective. Not many clients have a multimeter in the house, however, if you own one, try it to test for regularity between the operation and start terminal sockets. When you see any shifts or the start relay releases some odor, it already needs to be replaced.

Not Working Compressor 

The compressor is very important. When your compressor is not working properly, your refrigerator won’t cool your food items and will break down completely. Fortunately, with Sub-Zero refrigerators it seldom happens. Before you leave and spend on compressor replacement, it is best to check the list of Sub Zero fridge troubleshooting guides. Once you have identified that the compressor is broken, immediately contact a reliable Sub-Zero technician. 

When in doubt, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair. We have a team of factory-trained Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair technicians who can visit your home in no time and diagnose the problem then provide the long-term solutions. Also check out, Sub Zero Ice Maker Repair, and Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles.

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