Understanding Why Sub Zero Wine Cooler Not Cooling

Understanding Why Sub Zero Wine Cooler Not Cooling | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Wine collectors and lovers understand how important it is for the bottle of wine to be kept at a certain temperature, reducing sediment disturbance, and improving the taste. So if the wine cooler does not stop cooling, something must be done, and immediately.

Directly troubleshooting as fast as possible seems the best course of action when the wine cooler is not working, but before getting your hands filthy, have time to identify the type of appliance you own. Based on the technology applied, wine coolers utilize either a thermoelectric system or compressor to cool the air within the cabinet.

Compressors work similar to a regular refrigerator, and when they are not cooling, there must be an issue. However, thermoelectric units are not really defective. Before deciding that the thermoelectric cooler is damaged, you need to learn its limitations. Affected by the environmental temperature, a thermoelectric unit will not work properly when the room temperature is hot. The wine coolers work well at room temperatures from 50°F to 80°F. Overreach it on the upper limit, and your wine cooler will not cool the wine.

Malfunctioning Condenser Fan 

A compressor cooling system has four components, one of which is a fan that cools the condenser and its coil down. This part is activated with the system, and if it fails, the condenser and coil could overheat. As a result, this will spark heat transfer from the components of the system to the cabinet, heating it up together with the bottles of wine.

Defective Evaporator

That cold air when you open the compressor wine cooler comes from the evaporator. This element draws the air from the coils and cools off inside the cabinet. When the evaporator fails to work, the cooler will not be able to make cold air despite the compressor working at optimum efficiency. As the evaporator also utilizes a fan, the cause for its breakdown can be clogged. In some cases, the blades of the fan may bend because of the accumulation of dirt and debris, and that’s another cause for the wine cooler may not be working well.

Broken Thermostat

When the compressor wine cooler is not working, one of the causes could become a defective thermostat. This element is designed to supply power to the compressor, condenser, and evaporator fan. The thermostat also enables one to adjust and control the temperature of the wine cooler, and when this critical component malfunctions, the bottles of wine will get spoiled. Sometimes, a damaged thermostat will heat up the interior, there are some situations if it cools down below the freezing limit.

It may be a quick repair or a case that needs more investigations, but in most cases, you’ll have to seek assistance from a professional technician. Immediately contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair when your Sub Zero wine cooler is not cooling already. Services include Sub Zero ice maker repair and  Sub Zero freezer repair.

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