What Causes Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Water Leaking

What Causes Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Water Leaking

That moment when you can see the floor wet, and apparently, you are searching where the leak comes from. It could be the sink or dishwasher. But more often your refrigerator could be the main reason for the floor, thus knowing how to repair the refrigerator and prevent it from leaking.

Below are the most common causes that make a Sub Zero refrigerator leak water:

Defrost Drain Clog 

The drain hole is not that big, and it can clog easily by frost or some food scraps, which stop water condensed while defrosting from flushing to the pan. If the water spills over, it begins to spread on the bottom of the refrigerator and the kitchen floor. The best method to repair defrost drain clog is to cleanse it with warm water. When careful cleaning does not work, you can make use of special equipment or a short piece of wire to eliminate the obstruction. It is the most common issue, so it always helps to examine the defrost drain so that it will prevent such a problem.

Drain Pan Damage

This issue is not common, but at times the drain pan located at the bottom of the refrigerator is defective. When it happens, water begins to leak through the holes in the pan and sits on the floor. Oftentimes, a little amount of water is stuck in the pan, however, it must be evaporated by fans. Typically, the fans release hot air across the area of the pan, evaporating the water before it starts to leak. Check the drain pan well to see that it is intact, especially when the defrost drain is clean. When the pan is defective, it must be replaced.

Ice Maker Breaks

Normally, the broken or cracked hoses result in high water pressure and the connection begins to leak. Furthermore, leaks can lead to weakened connections between the water lines and the unit. In some cases, the sealing can deteriorate or break and the water starts escaping under the fridge. Check thoroughly the water lines and connections for the early signs of moisture. Make the connections tight, or change hoses, when necessary. Once that doesn’t work, you should replace sealing.

Water Filter Defect

For Sub Zero refrigerator models with the water filter, a poor connection between the filter and water supply can be a cause of the leak. In some cases, your refrigerator could have some leaks when the improper type of water filter has been connected before. Or else, you will have an issue with the effective connections. Check the storage of the refrigerator and the filter for warnings of water leaking to find out the issue. To repair it you have to replace the filter, performing the user’s manual. Remember that the filter should fit the refrigerator model.

These may not be the only reasons for your Sub-Zero refrigerator water leaking. You should perform regular maintenance of your refrigerator to prevent more troubles. For professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair.  Check out our services on Sub-Zero refrigerators repair and Sub-Zero freezer repair.

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