What Happens After Sub Zero Wine Storage Temperature Sensor Failure

What Happens After Sub Zero Wine Storage Temperature Sensor Failure | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Not everyone can own a wine cooler. This refrigeration system is designed for those who love drinking wines or collect different variants of them. Issues can occur in any appliance unit, it does not rely on its lifespan and manufacturer. The most common reasons that cause problems in wine coolers include the temperature sensor.

It is an electronic device that gauges the temperature of the wine cooler and reads the input data into electronic data to track, check, or inform temperature shifts. Keeping a stable temperature for wine is vital. The standard temperature is between 52°F to 58°F. Rising temperatures speed up the aging process of the wine. Normally, every  50°F rises double the speed of chemical processes. Thus, a wine that can she up to 10 years may be past its peak in only a few months once preserved incorrectly. 

When you find out that the stored bottles of wine are no longer cold, you may be facing issues with the temperature sensor inside the unit. In order to help ensure that your precious collections of wines are refrigerated and ready to be poured into your wine glass,  replace the temperature sensor with a genuine and new unit. Genuine spare component for select models of Sub Zero wine cooler units. You may go over the model fit list to see to it that it is the appropriate component of your appliance unit.

The main issue for the malfunction is the incorrect temperature inside the wine cooler unit. The temperature sensor can send to the control card the information that the temperature in the unit is beyond or under the normal range, while in reality, it pairs with the set parameters. Having acquired such data, the message is transferred to the motor that either begins cooling too much or ceases cooling altogether. As the device utilizes high-precision sensors, they are typically not fixed. The simple way to bring back the working capacity of the appliance is to change the temperature sensors with the new units.

Also, it will be observed by misting windows and spiking the level of humidity. The situation may cause a voltage hike and even the adjustment of the device as the installed sensor is very responsive to vibrations and mechanical issues. It is best to deal with the breakage immediately, and due to being inconsistent with moisture conditions, machines may break down. Repair work is completed by changing the broken humidity sensor with a new unit.

Once you suspect temperature sensor failure in your Sub Zero wine storage unit, don’t hesitate to contact the experts of Sub Zero Appliance Repair for professional consultation and services.  Check out our Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer.

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