Why Is My Sub Zero Freezer Not Working?

Why Is My Sub Zero Freezer Not Working | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

That moment when you find out that your freezer isn’t working properly like it used to. Worry no more! There are possibilities of a quick fix instead of expensive repair services. The good thing is, there’s a huge chance that your problem can be both efficiently diagnosed and simply repaired. As a regular freezer serves up to 15 years prior to replacement, initially consider the age of the freezer. When the appliance is well within that time period and you have it well maintained in general, you will be probably dealing with the common issue, such as clogged airflow, ice buildup, defective gaskets, or dirty coils.

Clean the shelves.

 See to it that you allow enough air to pass through the freezer. This may be common knowledge, a unit that’s covered to the gills may lead to an airflow clog, specifically when the evaporator fan is backed by a tub of desserts or plastics of vegetables. Reorganizing or eliminating some items may be all that’s important to cool things down once more.

Break the ice.

When the Sub Zero freezer doesn’t overflow and you have a manual-defrost unit, monitor the amount of ice on the interior walls – the accumulation could be harming the efficiency of the freezer. Once you observe a large number of ice crystals, or when it’s been more than years since you defrosted your unit, a basic defrosting will maybe do the trick, allowing the coils and vents to breathe again and regularly to do their tasks. When you own an auto-defrost model, layers of ice may be a glaring sign that a part or two requires replacement by an expert in the near future.

Examine the seals.

One quick assessment includes checking the gaskets of the freezer door seals with the use of the dollar bill test. Open the unit’s door, put a dollar bill flat on the seal, and shut the door. When you can simply remove the cash, the seals are not tight. When pulling the bill out needs a lot of effort, the seals are perhaps okay. See it to test different parts of the gasket for an accurate measurement, and before testing them, clean any spills or dirt that may be blocking them from locking together properly.

Clear the coils.

A dirty coil is perhaps the culprit. When you have cleaned, seal-tested, and defrosted the unit and all is well, pull the freezer away from the wall and clean the coils using a vacuum with the brush installed. As filthy coils can obstruct airflow, a fast cleaning may be only the ticket to chill stuff out again.

When none of these steps take your ice cubes and frozen snacks back, it could be that your freezer not working is too complicated to handle yourself. Thus, professional repair service might be in order. Chances are some maintenance or repair works can return your Sub Zero freezer to its optimal condition. Contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair today to book a service. Also provides services for Sub Zero refrigerator repair, Sub Zero ice maker repair, and Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Beverly Hills.

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