Why Is Your Sub Zero Freezer Making Noise?

Why Is Your Sub Zero Freezer Making Noise | Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sometimes we don’t notice, but our freezer creates noise, relying on the model of your Sub Zero freezer it may be a soft sound and you only notice when you are near the unit. However, one certain thing is that you will hear it when the freezer is producing a sound it shouldn’t.

Since Sun Zero freezers are typically very quiet brands hearing loud sounds suddenly can definitely make you panic. However,  the good thing is, a loud noise won’t be the end of your unit, it could only be an early sign.

Buzzing, humming, or other sounds emanating from the Sub Zero freezer are usually part of its normal operation. But if you have just begun to hear very loud noises coming from the freezer, it could be a sign that maintenance or repairs are on the right track. Let’s identify the common reasons why a freezer makes some noise and how to repair the problem.

  • A buzzing sound is heard if the compressor is functioning.
  • Clicking can happen if the defrost timer turns on and off.
  • Gurgling sounds can happen if the refrigerant flows through the tubes at the end of the cycle. 
  • Popping or cracking noise can happen once the walls of the freezer compress and extend as the temperature decreases.

Some Common Causes of Noisy Freezer

Unlevel Refrigerator Unit

When the freezer unit is regularly vibrating, it must be due to its level on the floor. Its leveling feet or screws could become loose after some time. Examine under the appliance and move the feet or adjust the screws when necessary.

Filthy Condenser Coils

Its condenser coils are plagued with dirt and other debris that can prevent the air to flow properly. Thus, the freezer needs to work harder to cool the unit, possibly increasing the volume of loud sounds. In order to help ensure the freezer is working efficiently, clean the condenser coils at least quarterly with a coil brush or a vacuum hose with a soft brush head.

Defective Evaporator Fan 

The Sub Zero freezer evaporator fan is designed to cool the appliance by spreading air and refreshing the evaporator coils. When the evaporator fan is defective, but excessively loud buzzing or clicking noise may be heard. Furthermore, you may hear that the freezer is warmer than the regular temperature. A defective evaporator fan will require replacement. 

Is your Sub Zero freezer making noise? Do you need assistance in repairing or replacing some of its components? Sub Zero Appliance Repair knows the brand inside and out. We provide services for Sub Zero refrigerators repair and Sub Zero freezer repair. Contact us to make a service appointment with us.

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