4 Ways to Fix Sub Zero Wine Cooler

Today, luxury appliances like a wine cooler or ice maker play an essential role in our living standards. We all are highly depending on these kinds of appliances. So, it is essential that they all work well according to our needs.

For instance, a sub zero wine cooler is an excellent appliance which preserves the wine for a longer time. And now if your sub-zero wine cooler is not working correctly, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. For Sub Zero Repair in Los Angeles, you must call an expert technician. But before this, you can try to fix it on your own.

Here are some simple steps that you can do to fix your wine cooler problem before contacting the sub-zero customer support:-

 Temperature not rising:

If you notice that your wine cooler is struggling to keep the temperature that you want,  you can VACCUM THE CONDENSER. This technique possibly works, but do not bother to try this repair if you are not much aware of the appliance.

Possibly if your wine’s cooler is dirty:-

·   You have to use compressed air.

·   Cover the backside of cooler with a towel so that dirt will not create any mess in your house.

·   Use a brush to clean the condenser (be careful, don’t bend the coils).

Check your wine cooler compressor:

If you check properly, you’ll find there are wires around the compressor, and in between, there are two types of plugs. One is white in color, and another one is black in color. The white part is the overload protector, and the black part is the PTC starter.

So you can replace those overload protector and starter. PTC starter is not that much costly, but overload, protector is a little bit expensive. And after doing this, possibly, your wine cooler will start working fine.

Low refrigerant (gas):

There are also some chances that your wine cooler is low on coolant. If your cooler is running all the time so there are some chances that your cooler will be on low gas. Also, there are some chances that the coolant sucked some moisture and created a blockage somewhere. And this is a technical repair, and it needs a lot of fundamental knowledge about the component. So don’t be late to Sub Zero Repair Los Angeles for further help.

Check the leakages:

You can also check gas leakages from your cooler. Some leakages you can check on your own. You must check the evaporator of your cooler first because gas leakage is more common from the evaporator. If there is any problem with the evaporator, you can replace it.

These are some of the common issues your wine cooler has. Though you can try putting your hands into its repair, Sub Zero Repair Los Angeles is a better option. You must call our sub zero appliance repair professionals for fixing your wine cooler or any other sub-zero appliances.

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