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Sub Zero Fridge Repair Hacks You Need To Know

Sub Zero is one of the best cooling and refrigeration systems brands, so it’s only right to get a professional Sub Zero fridge repair when your refrigerator displays signs of damage. Sub Zero was the first to produce a state-of-the-art refrigeration system that preserves food for longer periods. Each product is meticulously tested to ensure the highest quality before selling. This way, customers are ensured that they’ll only receive the best functioning refrigerator and won’t have any trouble using it. 

But, even though Sub Zero refrigerators are well-built and designed by professionals, if you do not properly care for your unit, you’ll most likely encounter damage and malfunctions that will affect your refrigerator’s performance. The question is, how long does a Sub Zero refrigerator last? Let’s find out below.

How long do Sub-Zero refrigerators last?

If you have a quality refrigerator, it will most probably last for 20 years. But, because of damages and the time you’ve used your refrigerator, the lifespan could be less than 20 years. So, you must know how to maintain for your refrigerator to make the most out of it. You can also avoid getting several fridge repair services if you know these hacks:

  • Clean the refrigerator coils.

You can find the refrigerator coils at the back of your fridge. These coils are important in keeping your fridge functioning properly. It’s easy to clean a refrigerator coil, and you’ll only need to clean them once every six months or a few more times a year when you have pets at home. 

To clean your refrigerator coils, you’ll need to brush the dust and dander off. You can use a soft-bristled brush and a vacuum to pick up smaller dirt particles. It will help if you do not get the coils wet. 

  • Don’t neglect the door seal.

The door seal is important to keep the cold air from escaping. It also keeps the temperature leveled. You’ll also need to clean the door seal once in a while or whenever you see dust and dirt building up. Door seals could rip and get damaged, so use warm soapy water and a washcloth to wipe down the seal.

If you notice that the door seal is broken, you may avail of a fridge services repair near me to have a professional install a new one for you.

  • Don’t forget to defrost once in a while.

Defrosting is essential to keep your refrigerator functioning properly. If you notice ice in the freezer, it’s time to defrost. To avoid food from getting spoiled while you’re defrosting, you can place them in a cooler. 

These hacks will surely help you prolong the life of your refrigerator and avoid unnecessary expenses that come with getting your fridge repaired or replaced.

How Do You Fix a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

Refrigerators are one of the appliances in your home that operate 24/7. They preserve food for us to avoid going on multiple grocery trips, and it’s also the most convenient way of stocking food. So, our refrigerators do not rest at all. Don’t worry; refrigerators are built to function this way, but it is our job to keep them from malfunctioning. So, before you get a Sub Zero fridge repair, know the eight most common refrigerator problems and how to solve them yourself:

  • The ice maker is not working properly.

Most refrigerators have built-in ice makers. So, if you have one that doesn’t produce enough ice, chances are you have a blocked or frozen water line. To fix this problem, you can:

    • Shut off the water by locating the shut-off valve and turning it off. 
    • Proceed to pour hot water into the line that connects the water to the ice maker. This step will push out any blockages or melt the ice off the line.
    • You can also let the refrigerator defrost the ice by not plugging it back for a few hours.
    • Once everything looks clear, you can turn on the refrigerator and see if the ice maker is working again. 
  • You notice ice build-up in your refrigerator.

If ice is building up outside the freezer, there are several reasons for this. One reason is that the door seal is not functioning properly, or you don’t close the refrigerator door all the way. Another reason is that you have frost building up on your evaporation coils that prevent the condensation inside the fridge from evaporating. 

Always double-check if your freezer door is tightly closed to prevent cold air from escaping into the refrigerator and allowing ice to build up. Also, check if the door seals and gaskets are working properly and have no tears or broken parts.

If there is damage to the freezer doors, seals, and gaskets, it’s time to get Sub Zero refrigerator repair services to ensure proper repair and installation.

  • Your refrigerator is not cooling properly.

Suppose your refrigerator is not cooling properly, and you notice that your food is easily spoiled. In that case, it’s having difficulty supplying enough energy to function properly. It could also be a dirty condenser coil or a faulty thermostat.

To know which of the following is the cause of this problem, check the refrigerator’s light. When you open the door and the light automatically turns on, you have the energy to control the fridge’s cooling properly. Then, you can check the temperature setting and see if there has been any change. If the temperature is properly set, the condenser coils must be dirty. If so, clean the coils using a vacuum cleaning and a brush.

  • You cannot properly defrost the freezer.

When you are trying to defrost, but your refrigerator takes longer, there might be a problem with your defrost control board. You can also check if there is any damage to the defrost timer. Once you’ve checked them out, you can get expert refrigerator services to repair these parts properly.

  • There’s water leaking from the fridge.

Two things could be possible when there’s water leaking from the fridge. First, you might have a blockage on your defrost drain. Find the drain and check if food remnants block the water from properly draining. You can use a damp washcloth with soapy water to remove the dirt and clean the surface around it. 

You could also have a clogged water line that affects your drainage system. Ensure to turn off the water valve before removing the line. If there are blockages, you can easily push them out using hot water. If there are tears or breaks on the line, you’ll have to replace the line to avoid further problems.

  • There are unusual sounds from the refrigerator.

A refrigerator produces a soft humming sound when the mechanisms inside work to reach your desired temperature level. But, if this sound does not stop or gets louder, the mechanism has a problem. If the sound comes from the fridge inside, the condenser fan may be damaged. The only way to repair this is by replacing the fan. 

The evaporator fan is the problem if the sound is like a chirping bird. Again, you’ll need to replace the fan to ensure the proper functioning of the refrigerator.

These refrigerator problems and solutions will greatly help you when you have trouble using your fridge or notice something unusual. Remember not to waste any time having your refrigerator repaired to prolong its life and the life of the food inside.

A broken refrigerator can be a huge problem, for it houses our food and drinks, some of which are sensitive to temperature changes. When this happens, know that Sub Zero Appliance Repair can help you locate the problem, fix it, and give your refrigerator new and improved functionality. So, give us a call today!

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