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Beware of the 7 Signs That Says Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Needs Repair

When we hear Sub Zero, excellent craftsmanship and high-quality performance is what comes to mind. Sub-Zero pioneered the art and science of food preservation since 1945, and they continue to do so today. Their creations are classic, have the best functionality, and have ultra-modern systems that are perfect for anyone on the go.

The question is, will Sub Zero appliances last long? It all depends on how you take care of your appliances. So, watch out for the 7 signs your Sub Zero refrigerator needs to be repaired to avoid further damages:

1. The motor Is continuously running

The motor of your refrigerator should not run continuously; instead, it should run for a few minutes to an hour to reach your desired temperature. Once the temperature is reached, it will automatically stop. If you hear your motor running the whole day, there is something wrong with it. Get in touch with a reputable appliance repair provider to avoid more damage to your refrigerator.

2. The back of your refrigerator Is unusually hot

Refrigerator motors are hot because they need the energy to run properly. But, if the whole back of your refrigerator is suddenly hot to the touch, which means there’s a problem with its mechanism. This problem could also lead to overheating and permanently damaging your refrigerator, giving you no choice but to replace it.

3. Condensation happens to the interior and exterior of your refrigerator

Condensation can happen but only in small amounts. There could be a mechanical problem if there is a lot of condensation inside and outside the refrigerator. Condensation is not that serious if it’s caught early. It is better to have it checked out by an expert San Diego Sub-Zero appliance repair technician to get it repaired right away.

4. There is a noticeable amount of leakage

Water leaking from underneath your refrigerator can mean there’s ice build-up in places where there should not be. Therefore, it’s better to check your refrigerator once in a while to ensure no leaks that could cause more serious problems in the future. If you notice a leak while moving your refrigerator, then you should get help right away. If not repaired, wirings and the motors could get damaged, and you’ll have to replace your refrigerator.

5. The freezer produces too much ice

It’s normal that a freezer has ice, for its main purpose is to freeze the food stored inside to preserve it longer. But, if it over freezes and there’s ice build-up on its walls, it’s more likely to have temperature control issues. Therefore, have it checked right away and get it repaired at once. This way, you won’t encounter this problem again, and your refrigerator can last for longer periods.

6. Food rapidly goes bad

Refrigerators are supposed to preserve food, so if produce goes bad instantly and drinks don’t cool right away, there’s a problem with your refrigerator. There might be a problem with the functionality of the motor, compressor, or temperature controls. So, find a reliable Sub Zero refrigerator repair that could be there as soon as possible.

7. You can hear loud noises coming from your refrigerator.

Normally, refrigerators are quiet. It only emits sounds coming from the motor when it keeps the temperature down. Other than that, the motor won’t make a sound. So, if your refrigerator has loud noises, the motor has a problem. You can immediately get it repaired to ensure that the motor perfectly functions.

Where to Get a Licensed Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in San Diego?

Sub Zero refrigerators are top-of-the-line appliances with the best functionality and performance compared to other brands. But, it is up to us to take care of them to be at their best at all times. When your refrigerator develops one or more of the signs discussed above, it’s time to have them checked by a professional San Diego Sub-Zero appliance repair technician right away.

Doing research before hiring a professional can be a great help, especially when it’s your first time getting a repair. You can ask for referrals from family and friends who have availed of repair services in the past. There may be tons of companies out there, but there are only a few reliable ones that could properly repair your units. At Sub Zero Appliance Repair, you can rest assured that your Sub Zero refrigerators are in good hands.


If your refrigerator is displaying one or more of the signs that indicate it needs to be repaired, don’t hesitate to call us right away. We have professionals to get your Sub Zero refrigerator working smoothly once again.

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