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Is Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Worth the Investment?

If you are an avid wine collector or love to keep good wines for a special occasion, you will know how important it is to have a place where it is best to store the wine bottles. For the Wine to reach its perfection, temperature and humidity are two important factors to consider in finding storage for it to be kept. Making a wine cellar is the best option, but this doesn’t apply to places where the space is not enough, so having a wine cooler is ideal. If you are looking for a reliable wine cooler, Sub Zero is the trusted and ideal appliance brand that provides the same feature as the typical wine cellar. You can control the temperature and the humidity, and each section allows you to store Wine depending on the temperature needed. You can learn more about the wine cooler through the Sub-Zero FAQ.

But, when the Sub-Zero wine cooler needs immediate repair, it must be handled by a professional to ensure that it is correctly diagnosed and fixed. You can find Sub-Zero appliance repair in Beverly Hills that also caters to Sub-Zero wine cooler repair. One that you can rely on is the Sub Zero Appliance Repair. The company is one of the trusted repair services that has been in the industry for many years. The repair technicians are professionally trained to handle any possible issues of the wine cooler and any Sub-Zero wine cooler model. A guarantee that the issue will be handled and available in no time.

On the other hand, you may wonder if having a Sub-Zero wine cooler would be a good investment to have. Would it be worth every penny? The answer is definitely yes! Wine is considered the most difficult beverage to store. Unlike the other perishables, the Wine’s quality is directly impacted by how it is stored. Storing the Wine in a bad way, such as too much light, humidity, or high temperature, will cause “corked” or spoiled Wine. Sub-Zero did not have an existing under-counter refrigerator in a wine cooler. It was designed independently 20 years ago to help fix the wine storage. What’s good about the Sub-Zero wine cooler are the following:

Lighting: The Sub-Zero was the first to use a Low-e glass dorr to refract the harmful UV light. Then others have followed. The lighting inside the cabinet is an indirect LED. The LED light emits way less heat with far less wattage than the incandescent or halogen lighting.

Vibration: The compressor of the Sub-Zero is mounted to rubber grommets, which causes less vibration when the compressor is turned on. There is rollered shelving so the Wine will glide out, unlike with the steel shelves welded to the sides of the existing refrigerator unit.

Temperature and Humidity Control: Sub-Zero employs two evaporators, a true two-zone unit. You can also set either zone from 39-65 degrees to store two kinds of wines ( Reds or Whites). You can also precisely set the temperature of the Sub-Zero wine cooler in 1-degree increments, unlike any other wine cooler. The exterior of the wine cooler is sealed so air won’t infiltrate. The middle is also gasketed so that there is no temperature crossover between the zones.

Home Security: You can also tie the wine cooler to home security. Attach the cable to the unit for extra protection when there is an issue.

Decorator Option: The Sub-Zero also produces wine coolers with several finish options from panel to stainless steel.

Another good thing about the Sub Zero wine cooler is that it comes in various sizes that allow you to store more wine bottles in the cooler.

You may find several wine coolers available coming from other competitors, but to have a better wine and longer storage, the Sub-Zero is your best choice in the field or retooled refrigerator disguising as wine storage. The Sub-Zero wine cooler is the superior choice if you are currently looking for the best wine cooler available today.

Overall, you will go wrong with purchasing a sub-Zero wine cooler. These wine coolers tick every box from the sleep design to its superior functionality. The investment you made for the wine cooler will add value to your home and also helps to enhance and elevate the kitchen or indoor/outdoor area bar of your home.


Like any other appliance, the Sub-Zero wine cooler may also experience some issues, and it is vital to get it checked and repaired by a professional. Sub-Zero Appliance Repair has been handling different possible issues that a wine cooler may have and guarantee to get it fixed in no time.

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