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How to Vacuum The Condenser of a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

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Each of the components of a refrigerator is important, and it all has its specific function for the refrigerator unit to work. For example, the condenser coils of a Sub-Zero refrigerator are an important part of the unit. It’s responsible for cooling the refrigerant and expelling the heat out of the unit continuously until the air inside the unit is at its needed temperature. However, if the coils are covered with dirt or dust, this will affect the expulsion of the heat. That is why it is vital to know the proper Condenser cleaning care.

Although Sub-Zero refrigerators are made to last, you may encounter a few repairs throughout their lifespan. In some instances, you may need Refrigerator repair services to properly assess the problem and do the needed fix. A certified Sub-Zero Appliance repair in Pasadena is expertly trained and experienced to handle any issues that your refrigerator may experience.

With all of the issues that possibly happen with a Sub-Zero refrigerator, it is often maintained that it is the key to helping the unit be in top working condition and prevent any issues. Maintaining the appliance also helps prolong the lifespan, allowing you to use the refrigerator for too long. It is also vital that each component and element of the appliance be thoroughly checked and clean. One of these is the condenser coils. It is an important part of the appliance responsible for bringing the refrigerant and eliminating the heat.

It is advisable to clean the condenser coils of your Sub-Zero refrigerator every six to twelve months to keep the unit operating in good condition. Clean the condenser coils more often if any pets exist. Make sure not to bend the aluminum fins of the condenser. It is also important to follow the specific instructions on cleaning depending on your Sub-Zero refrigerator model.

When cleaning the unit’s condenser coils, always make sure to turn off the refrigerator’s power. Once it is safe to work, follow the steps provided:

Remove the Refrigerator Grille – The first step in cleaning the coil is to access the condenser. For most refrigerator models, you can find this behind the large grille near the top of the unit. Some of the models have grilles that can be lifted straight up and have it removed, while others need to be unscrewed. If you have this type of unit, open this and unscrew the grille from the bottom. Now you can tilt the top of the grille towards you and unhook the springs from the back and lift it off to remove it.

Clean off the Dust and Debris – Clean the Sub-Zero refrigerator coils, which are relatively straightforward. Use the appliance brush to remove the dust, lint, or debris clinging to the condenser. Make sure to be gentle as you can with the brush, but also make sure to remove as much dirt as possible. Be careful not to damage the parts or disconnect to any other parts. As soon as all of the dust has been cleaned off, use your vacuum hose attachment to clear out the compartment. Once the entire section looks clean again, you can do the next step.

Reinstall the Grille – For the last step, finish this by putting the refrigerator grille into place. Slot the grille back into position and make sure to reconnect the springs back if it is needed. Replace the screws removed during the first step, which should be good to go. Power back the refrigerator and let it run for at least a day before you will check the temperature. If this reaches the proper level, that is good news!

If it is time for refrigerator coils to clean up, repeat the process to ensure proper cleaning. It is also important to use a soft-bristle brush and vacuum to thoroughly clean the coils and remove the dirt and dust.

On the other hand, if you are still experiencing a cooling problem with your Sub-Zero refrigerator even though you have cleaned the coils or any other problems that may affect the performance or functionality of your appliance, contact Sub Zero Appliance Repair to check the appliance and do the necessary repair immediately and ensure to have your Sub-Zero refrigerator working in no time.


The Sub-Zero refrigerator is a big help, and it also provides a lot of advantages when it comes to a refrigeration system for your home. But, when it needs a repair, it is best to let a professional and reliable repair service of Sub Zero Appliance Repair help you. Call us to schedule an appointment to repair your Sub Zero refrigerator and ensure that the unit will be up and running in no time.

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